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Responsible Gaming - Slotland

Slotland fully supports and endorses safe and responsible gaming and ensures that all players understand and recognize the practice of gaming responsibly. We recognize the need to provide our players with a safe gaming environment and are committed to doing so while providing the best gaming experience.

Keep in mind the below tips in order to maintain control of your gambling:

Ask yourself the below questions if you are concerned that gambling is negatively influencing your life. These questions will help you to figure out if gambling has become a problem for you or for someone you know.

  1. Do you feel that gambling affects your work?
  2. Have you had a dispute with family or friends about how much you gamble?
  3. Do you feel guilty/remorse when you lose a lot of money?
  4. After losing did you urge to return to win back your losses?
  5. Did you ever borrow money to finance your gambling?
  6. Do you see gambling as a source of income?
  7. Have you ever sold anything personal to finance gambling?
  8. Did you gamble longer that you had planned to?
  9. Have you gambled until you have run out of cash?
  10. Does gambling mean everything to you?

If you answer 'YES' to the majority of questions, it is likely that you are having difficulties with gambling. Please contact a professional organization that we have listed below to consult with someone who can provide you with advice and support.


In the event that you feel concerned about your gambling habits or simply need a break, you have the option of locking your account. We offer a minimum 7 day cooling off period for those who need a break, this period can also be extended but your account cannot be reactivated before the cooling off period ends. For those who need a longer break we offer a self-exclusion option. The self-exclusion option means that your gaming account will remain locked for a minimum period of 6 months and will not be reactivated during this period. Self-exclusion or the cooling off period can be activated by contacting our Customer Support at

If you are considering self-exclusion, we recommend contacting all gambling sites with whom you have an account and ask for self-exclusion there too.

Underage Gambling

Players must be of legal gambling age (18+) in order to open an account and play at Slotland. We perform age verification checks on players. However, to further ensure the safety of minors, we highly encourage parents to make use of filtering software (such as Net NannyTM) to prevent minors from accessing inappropriate online material.

We recommend that parents follow the below tips:

Deposit Limits

To assist our players in gambling responsibly players can set their own credit card deposit limits, which can be adjusted to their needs. To make any adjustments to your credit card deposit limit please contact our 24/7 Customer Support at Please note that players who deposit in cryptocurrencies take on the responsibility of adhering to their own deposit limits. Due to the nature of cryptocurrency payments, it is not possible for Slotland to impose limits on such deposits.

Gamblers Counseling Organizations

Below is a list of organizations to contact if you feel that gambling has a negative influence on you or someone you know.