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My "family" at Slotland

Everyone loves to read about "winners" in the newsletters but there are more than just money winners at Slotland. I have been playing at Slotland for over 10 years. I have never won the jackpot but realized I was playing a couple of times while someone else did. I always thought "wow that could have been me" and was happy for the lucky someone who hit it big.

The past year has been especially tough with a couple of losing streaks and the loss of two dear family members, my Dad and step dad. I shared a wonderful relationship with my Dad who loved to play the slots. We would often share stories of hits, wins and loses.....and also laugh about the common ground of hoping for that big hit. We would talk about what we would do with our winnings if it ever happened, just as all folks do when the possibility of a win fall is a TRUE possibility Agreeing that we enjoyed playing so much that we would reinvest our winnings in playing at Slotland!!! I told him the fruit slots made me hungry and he joked the card games kept him counting and trying to look for the queen of hearts.

Anytime I had a streak of good luck I always shared it with family. Slotland made many a holiday a great experience. When both Dad and step dad became very ill, those difficult worry hours were much more tolerable by the wonderful distraction of playing at Slotland and the shear joy of a win. The "family" at Slotland was always dependable to address any question of concern, give support and have the ability to make the players feel sincerely appreciated. There is no casino that exists out there that is able to make you feel like one of the family like Slotland.

I can't say enough about the real caring of the staff. They have been there through good times and bad and I am thankful for all their support. Here's to you Dad! I will just keep spinning, you just never know when that Queen may show up one day!

Thank you GALESTORM for sharing your story with us. Our thoughts are with you and we are delighted to have you in our family. As a VIP Player $1,000 was credited to your account for your story.


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