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A little makes a lot!

I would like to share my winning story from December. While it might not SOUND like a ton of money to some people, it sure is for me! And in a time when most other online casinos are not accepting credit cards (again!), I never have a problem at SLOTLAND. Not to mention you may be waiting weeks for cash outs from other online casinos.

I have been a bit down on my luck lately and decided I needed to deposit $100 into my SLOTLAND account and just PLAY TO WIN. One of my favorite games is Treasure Box, but I have not had a big win for a while on this game. Because you never know when that Jackpot will hit, I played the maximum amount of $2.00 per line, for a total of $8.00 per spin. Just a few spins in, I hit three blue 1s, for a payout of $300. WHOO-HOO!!!! I immediately cashed out since it was Monday night and I know that payouts are made every Tuesday. Since I am a VIP player I can get my cash out directly wired to my bank account, which usually shows up in just a few days.

Well, this time I had my money in the bank on Wednesday morning! WOW, that was FAST!

Since I had a little time before I had to leave the house, I deposited one-third of my winnings into my SLOTLAND account. I never believe that lightning can strike twice but I also know that luck can happen anytime. So I headed on over to Treasure Box again, played the max amount and hit three green 1s!!! Ah, another $300! Then I headed over to Jacks or Better and in just a few draws of the cards,I hit four Kings - another $250! I played off and on quite a few hours later in the day and then cashed out another $300, which I will have next week.

I cannot thank you enough, SLOTLAND, for letting us have a few extras for the coming month. Thank you, Your Loyal Player.

Thank you GODDESST for sharing your winning story! As a VIP Player $1,000 was credited to your account.


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