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Mega Spin is my joy in the early morning hours!

I love playing Mega Spin in the early morning hours. I work overnights and one night in November I found myself getting excited as my day was coming to an end. The truth is I couldn't wait to get home, have some coffee and play my favorite game at Slotland Mega Spin.

I had a tough day at work and after arriving home two hours later than I usually do (yes two hours) I could barely keep my eyes open. As I was excited about playing on this particular day, I decided to make a $100.00 deposit and settled in my favorite spot at home for some fun at Mega Spin. I was really tired and I kept nodding off in front of my computer and slowly ended up being down to my last $15.00. I thought it would be bedtime soon. Then all of a sudden the magical lady luck turned on my side and I hit a total amount of $500.00 in the Mega Spin bonus round. At first I thought I had fallen asleep and I was just dreaming but I know that playing at Slotland makes your dreams come true. And although I was exhausted in those earlier morning hours, it was another fun time spent on my favorite game Mega Spin.

That's not all, I also had a great start to December playing Mega Spin, it was a wonderful day so I had to share this story too. I made my $100.00 dollar deposit like I do weekly and sat down at the computer. Lately, the first thing I do is tape a piece of paper over the bottom reels on my screen. I really enjoy the excitement of watching the upper reels light up bright red not knowing what I've won on the bottom reels. Its a rush and the excitement is overwhelming, once it pays out on top I peek behind the paper to see what my total win is.

I bet max every time and was down to $35.00 when I hit $180.00 on both screens. I continued to hit several $100.00 wins until I cashed out at $600.00. Thank you always for the fun and excitement Slotland brings, I will always be a loyal player. Merry Christmas to the staff and my fellow Slotland players

1963CENTERCAP, thank you for this great story! A $500 bonus was credited to your account.


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