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I have been under a great deal of stress lately. My mother has been very ill and I spend most of my time in the hospital sitting by her side. It feels as though I live there. And now even my home smells like a hospital to me. Everywhere I go, even to the grocery store, I seem to get a whiff of that medicine like scent. Slotland always relaxed me, even if I was losing. I just make myself comfortable and let my mind drift. All my stress and worries seem to float away and I feel like I am on an island resort playing in the finest casino. That is where I planned to be one Sunday. This is how my getaway Sunday went.

I deposited $100 and had a total of $127 with the Slotland Sunday Brunch Bonus. I started playing my favorite, Jack or Better. For a while I was not going anywhere except down. I had switched to several other games, but no luck there either. I had $32 left when I went back to Jacks or Better. I thought I would just end it here and take a nap before I go back to the hospital.

I was betting $3. My first 3 spins were winners including $75 for 4 of a kind. I increased my bet and as soon as I did that, I fell back to $25. I figured I would increase to $5 for 5 spins then end it, so I could have time for my nap. Next thing I know, I hit 4 of a kind twice in a row. With $270 I got confident and switched to $10 a bet. The winnings kept coming, including a straight flush back to back. In a matter of 5 minutes, I had $1,855 in my account. Believe me; I no longer wanted to nap.

I continued to Treasure Box where I hit $600 for three 1's of the same color. Then I switched to Lucky Ducts where I won over $700. I was so happy and relaxed; I had to call my aunt to cover for me at the hospital because this was just such a perfect time for me in both winnings and relaxation mixed with excitement and joy that I just refused to give it up. I ended up with my highest account balance at $3,009. I continued to play and even though I lost some of that amount, I ended up withdrawing $2,000 and leaving some to play another time.

I had the most wonderful time that night at Slotland, I could no longer smell the medicine scent of the hospital but rather a tropical island breeze scented with magnolias. Thank You Slotland for giving me a getaway Sunday; for taking me to a place where dreams come true and magnolia scents are ever-present.

Thank you BOGUSKA for your great story and we wish all the best to your mother! As a VIP Player $1,000 was credited to your account.


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