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Slotland is a great casino to play poker!

Slotland is one of my favorite casinos on the internet, it is a great place to play poker. I have been playing at Slotland for many years and recently I decided to deposit $50.00 to play Striking 7's, I also received a 75% Monthly Mystery Bonus for April. Slotland is always good about giving bonuses to their customers.

I usually play a dollar a game and at first lost it all but decided to deposit another $50.00 and play $3.00 a game. I lost a few games then hit a five of kind and that was for around $80.00. I was so excited that I won I started playing for $5.00 a game. I started hitting four of kinds and full houses and just could not believe the winning streak I was having.

After playing for hours and having a great time I called my wife over to watch me play because I could still not believe my luck. At that time I hit the four sevens on Striking 7's worth $1,000! My wife and I could not believe we won the money. I ran my deposits of $100.00 all the way up too winnings of $1,145.00. Earlier, I said I would stop at $1,000.00 and cash out, which is what I did.

Slotland's games are the most exciting games on the internet, I play every month and enjoy my playing time. I tell all my friends and co-workers about Slotland, how friendly they are and how wonderful they treat people.

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