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StrikingSevens is a variation of the popular Deuces Wild video poker game. Each seven can substitute for any card you need and the Doubling Feature even allows you to multiply your wins.

Here we are with another great story from our VIP player RONWEBBER who caught his luck on Magic and received a nice birthday present. Congratulations!

This is MAGIC!

I have enjoyed playing online games on Slotland for over 10 years now and have had lucky times with every game. In the past I have hit Treasure Box with 3 same color ones and won $1200.00. I have lined up 3 stars on LuckyStars for $600.00 several times, and 5 scrolls on Magic for $1000.00. So I feel quite lucky on Slotland.

Magic is my favorite and has always been my go to game if I am not doing so well with some other game. So, I was playing Magic. I deposited $100.00 and I always bet the max on Magic which is $10.00 with 5 lines to win on and I had a couple of $100.00 wins with 5 diamonds or 5 sunburst and went up and down several times. Then I got into what I call the $4.00 wins, which means you are betting $10.00 and only winning $4.00 and I was about to switch to another game but had already spelled out MAG of MAGIC, so I kept playing and finally got down to $68.00 one more spin and suddenly on the bottom row I saw 3 planets line up and then the fourth one and here came the 5th one down and passed by at the bottom line at the last second one click too much.

Of course I was disappointed that I didn't win the Jack Pot of $166,000+ but then it dawned on me that I had just won $1000.00 with the 4 planets. I had done that only once in the past with 4 planets but never saw the 5th one coming down to line up. I kept playing Magic to finish spelling out MAGIC and when got the final C, I was at $900.00 and the Bonus paid $500.00 for 5 keys.

I played a few other games and finally cashed out for $1400.00. That was a great 65th Birthday present to myself. I only play Slotland on-line, and being a VIP has brought me many great enjoyable moments.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to RONWEBBER, along with $1,000 as an additional birthday present into his player account (remember, VIP Players get double the bonus!) for another great story we always love to hear! Do you have a good winner story? Do not hesitate to send it to us so we can share it with everyone else!


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