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Big $169,923 Jackpot Winner!

I have been married for about 3 years now; I have been a Slotland player for over 5 years, so I guess you could say that my Slotland relationship is pretty good! My wife and I lead a pretty simple life; we both have jobs and have been talking about starting a family sometime soon. Of course, once we have kids, someone will not be working and our income will take a drop, but for us it would all be worth it.

Since getting married, we joined a local church and I have not had the time to play at Slotland like I used to before we got married. I usually try to make one or two deposits each month and find some free time to play; win or lose, I simply love the Slotland games and since they have been adding more games recently, I have found myself spending more time playing in the past few months than any time since I got married.

My absolutely great day didn't begin so well. I woke up with a terrible sore throat and called in sick for work. That evening was our Bible study class, but I knew there was no way I could go after skipping work (especially since my boss goes to the same Bible study!). I slept a good part of the day and my throat was feeling better, so I figured I could get back to work while only missing one day. I told my wife to go to the study by herself, but that I was feeling better and should be back to work tomorrow.

She suggested that I still take it easy, and I laughed and said that I planned to do just that, as I decided to deposit $200 at Slotland to try my luck. Even though my wife is no gambler, she loves how much I enjoy playing slots and never gives me grief about it. In fact, she wished me good luck and I jokingly suggested that the Bible study group pray that I have good luck. Little did I know!

Although I have a few favorite games at Slotland, there is never one particular game that I must play each time I log in. I usually just see what game best grabs my attention when I log in and go there. I do tend to want to play the newer games, just to get a better feel for them and to see how they appeal to me. I had tried Megaspin once or twice before, and I really love the simple layout and strategy. I especially love that each winning spin lets you spin the Mega Reels for the chance to multiply your guaranteed win. I guess I must have still been thinking about Megaspin, because that is what caught my attention when I logged in.

Within 5 minutes, I knew that my gut was right this time; my $200 deposit had jumped to $350. My best spin in the first 5 minutes was when I lined up 3 hearts for a $75 guaranteed win and then spun up 3 cherries to triple that win to $225. As I saw my cash balance rise, I was feeling better by the minute and completely forgot about my sore throat (which was almost gone anyway).

It couldn't have been more than an hour of playing Megaspin when I won the jackpot. Actually, it was kind of funny because I spun up 3 Wild stars and started jumping out of my chair, thinking I hit the Big One. Then I read that I won $150. I decided to read the pay table more closely (I strongly recommend that ALL players do this BEFORE they start playing to avoid thinking you won something that you didn't... like the jackpot!) and realized that I only made it halfway to winning the jackpot. Now I had to spin the Mega Reels and get 3 more stars to win the jackpot. Impossible, I knew, but I was praying for a nice multiplier on the Mega Reels to make that $150 win even larger.

The first spin on the Mega Reels brought me a cherry, grapes and a star. Whew! That star gave me another chance to try to multiply my $150. Three more spins brought me 3 more losing combinations, but each time with a star somewhere on the reels to buy me another chance.

The next spin seemed to go in slow motion. I watched as the first reel stopped on a star and then the second reel stopped on another star. I knew that I was going to multiply my $150 no matter what, so I started wishing for a coin or a heart to get the highest possible multiplier.

Imagine my shock when the third star stopped on the third reel! It actually didn't take long to register that I just won $169,923, but I couldn't stop shaking. My wife was not due home for at least another hour, so I did what any reasonable man would do who just won more money than he would make in one year: I poured myself a big stiff drink!

I was a little drunk when my wife got home (I ended up have two stiff drinks just to calm down) and was lazing on the couch watching TV. My wife saw that I wasn't at the computer and her first concern was that perhaps I started feeling worse after she left.

I just smiled at her and said that the group must have really prayed hard for me tonight. She looked a little puzzled, thinking I was talking about them praying for me to get better. Then I reminded her that she was supposed to have them pray for me to have good luck and that their prayers were answered. She looked even more puzzled and then figured I must have had a good session at Slotland. So she asked me how much I won tonight and when I told her it was almost $170,000, she was sure I was joking. I then grabbed her by the hand and hauled her over to the computer. The screen saver was running, so I cleared that and up appeared my winning spin, along with the total winnings in my account.

Guess what? I had to pour HER a stiff drink too! I gave it to her and she just smiled and told me that I probably needed that drink more than she did. I told her that I already had two good drinks and the reality is now settling in, so I really didn't need more booze. Then she told me that she COULDN'T drink the booze herself. Now it was my turn to be puzzled. She then looked me straight in the eye and said, "You don't want me drinking when I am carrying your baby, do you?"

YES! She found out earlier in the week that she was pregnant and was trying to find the best time to tell me. She was a little worried about having to stop working, as we have not yet built up our savings as much as we wanted before starting a family. Well, with this awesome win, our worries are over and the fun is now starting! We decided that my wife will continue working until about her 7th month; after that, we hope she can remain at home to raise our kids, and with this win, this should not be a problem.

Also, we decided to gift $5,000 to our church; whether or not they prayed for me to win, this church has been very important in our life and we are glad to finally give something back. Praise the Lord!

Our congratulations go to NYNYMAN for this outstanding win and we wish the best of luck to his new family!

NOTICE: In order to CASH IN any bonus received from reading this newsletter, you must have made a real money deposit of $25 or more within the past 30 days.

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