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FORGOMO Jackpot Winner Story

The last couple of years have not been very lucky for me, until I hit the big one at Slotland! About 2 years ago, I went through a messy and bitter divorce from my wife of 13 years (I KNEW 13 was unlucky!). Due to this I was unable to play at Slotland for awhile. After the divorce was done, I ended up with a little bit of cash. I bought a small house in same town, so I could still be close to my two sons (both teenagers now!).

Then about year and half after the divorce, I went through a much needed job change. Although the new job ended up paying about 2/3 of my previous salary, I did like the lower stress of the new work, and fewer hours! And with the small amount of cash from my divorce and the low mortgage payments, I was finding myself in better financial shape that I have been in for the past 15 years and was finally able to go back to Slotland for some fun.

My sons visit me most weekends, and we get along really well, so it is usually a good time. Of course, they know I love to gamble online and there has been more than one time when they were visiting that I would log into my Slotland account and play a little while they watched TV or a movie. At some point they would get bored with what they were doing and would come over a watch and of course tease me when I am on a losing streak. If I am losing badly (and I have had some pretty bad sessions), I tend to get a little grumpy over the joking and log out. Sometimes it is just nicer to be alone when you are playing, so you don't have to take any razzing from anyone.

This last weekend was one of my better times at Slotland. I have a set of favorite slots to choose from, the tops being Heavy Metal, Magic, Treasure Box and Slotris. I started with a $200 deposit and this was one of those times when I never had to look back and wonder what happened to my deposit!

I started with Heavy Metal and it was so hot that I never moved on to another machine that day. I have read this a few times before, but what I love about Heavy Metal is the history play. This is one machine you cannot just spin without thinking! It has all these little quirky elements, such as random hold options, which just add to the fun and excitement. I always feel like I am also playing something of a skill game, by carefully reading through the last 3 spins to see what else I might be able to win, or if I save a few bucks by not betting on one or more of the history lines (lines A, B & C).

I had to feel good when, in less than 5 spins, I got a random hold option. Actually, just looking at the spin, I couldn't get too excited about seeing a heart, dollar sign and diamond appear across the reels. Of course, I just held the dollar sign, and watched with glee as another dollar sign and a question mark (WILD!) landed on the reels, with my held dollar sign in the middle, bringing me a total win of $320! As if this were not enough, I also got the hold option AGAIN; even an idiot knew that I was looking at another $320 win. A smart player like me also saw that I could now hold lines B & C, as I was looking at 2 dollar signs on line B and a question mark on line C; this meant on the held spin, I would then see 3 dollar signs on line B and 2 question marks on line C, earning me another $644 in winnings and bringing my total wins in two spins to $964!

So in less than 15 minutes, I was staring at over $1,000 in my account on my $200 deposit. Of course, part of me screamed to cash out right there and then, but there was no way I was able to leave a machine that seemed to be that hot. I decided that I still had hours of chances to win even more, with such a good bankroll backing me up now.

Even though I wasn't expecting another win on top of the last two fantastic wins, I spun up 2 spades and another question mark, giving me another $10 win on my $8 bet. The play for the rest of the evening continue slightly up and down and at the end of the night I still found myself sitting on over $1,200.

I wasn't in any hurry to cash in and as my kids were heading back to their mom's house for the week, I figured I would have plenty of fun evenings to try to boost up my already big winnings. Each evening, I spent an hour or so playing, trying my different favorite games and not really getting much working well for me.

On Thursday (my jackpot winning day!), I decided to call in sick and just enjoy some time alone. I logged back into Slotland and decided to try what worked for me last weekend, namely to play Heavy Metal. Again, I got a good start, pulling down three diamonds with the hold option activated. I held all reels (of course!) and then got another hold option, which gave me more winnings PLUS three free spins. I definitely felt back on track.

I remember relaxing with my coffee and slowly spinning each round, even daydreaming a bit about what I should do that evening when it happened. Actually, I ended up winning it by holding 2 triple 7 symbols on line C (I told you smart players win more!) and watching the third triple 7 symbol end my spin. It took me a moment to actually register that the huge amount in my bankroll was from the jackpot, but once it did register I just stared for the longest time, shaking my head and laughing uncontrollably!

When reality finally took hold, I started making my plans for spending so much money. Of course, I can hardly wait to tease my kids next weekend when they come over. I have a feeling that I will be able to take a lot of ribbing from them on any future losing streak they might see me have! Nothing can put me in the minus column again after such a great win! Thanks Slotland! I love you and Heavy Metal!

Our congratulations go to FORGOMO for a most amazing win! What a great way to start off 2009!

NOTICE: In order to CASH IN any bonus received from reading this newsletter, you must have made a real money deposit of $25 or more within the past 30 days.

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