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We have yet to find our first jackpot winner of 2009, but perhaps March will be the month to get things going! The jackpot is already well over $150,000, so it could break at any time! While we wait for that first jackpot winner, we once again offer another Monthly Winner Story (which can be read here) along with our list of lucky winners from last month!

Our last monthly promotion occurred during the weekend of February 6-8, and our players took advantage of our great offers. Here are the results of this promotional weekend:

First, on Friday and Saturday, February 6 & 7, players joined in on the fun and profitable 10-20-25 Bonus promotion. Deciding how much of a bonus you want has never been easier than this! If you made a deposit of less than $100, a 10% bonus was automatically added to your account; a deposit of $100 earned a cool and automatic 20% bonus, while a $200 deposit dropped a rich 25% bonus into your player account! At the end of this great promotion, our players made the best of it and grabbed more than $10,000 in bonuses!

Then, on Sunday, February 8, we offered Deposit Rebates to 4 randomly selected players each hour of the day! Each hour, our system scanned all deposits made during the previous hour and selected 4 of those depositors who were then refunded their deposit (and if their deposit was less than $50, they were given $50 anyway!). Our smart (and lucky?) players made the most of this promotion, as more than $7,000 in bonuses ended up in our players' accounts!

Finally, on February 14, we offered 20% deposit bonuses to celebrate Valentine's Day. Our players must love Slotland a lot, as more than $7,000 in bonuses ended up in player accounts on this special day!

In addition to the above winners, we performed our monthly Slotland Gift drawing and selected 50 players who had made deposits during the promotional weekend to receive a FREE Slotland gift. Additionally, any player who had made deposits totalling $500 or more automatically won a Slotland gift item! Overall, we had 88 players who received a FREE Slotland gift, and here are their names: 109SIDNEY, 152SIDEKICK, 225SAM, 43BUCKS, AIALEH, ALWAYSCHINA1, AMBEROAKS, ASPENLODGE2, B0330H, BIGDAMNBOX, BOB26, BYFSH6, CAR429, CAROLEIGHT, CHEVY41, CHRISTOPHEARIANE, CODEMY, CONNAJEAN, CONTI, CPBOOJP, CRYMEARIVER, CW40, CYCLOMETRIC, DEEPOW, DENTIST9355, DIAMONDWINS, DIARL63, DJOL1979, EDIEELKE, EUDOXIA, GAMBLER6425, GARYOWEN, GREG121414, GREY541, HALFLING, HEERSINK, HOMENAKED, IMAGAPEACHNVA, IWANNAWINBIG, JAHAM, JAMINJULIE, JAP1937, JAYCON, JCW12345, JHAILS, KKLIEN246, LAKEGIRL, MADDIE, MELLOCELLO, MITZEY, MRJNEE70, MSABATA, MYILO, NANBLANFORD, NCBTDT, OKSWEETPEA, PACKAZ, PALMER1963, PEGSTIR, PWNASS, RAD66, RAMBOCAT, REALTY123, REDOG383, RONWEBBER, RXNICOLE, SASSAFRASS, SHARIFA, SHLOMIC, SKEEEZIKS, SMCM, SNAPPYGUY, SNUFFY4, SQUEAKYCHAIR, STORMIPEACHES, STUCKINTEXAS, SUE35611, TANI, TEEKEE, TOZE, TULSATWISTERS, TWINGLES, WACKO, WAHOO, WOODJT & ZOAH02.

We send congratulations to all of our Slotland winners and look forward to announcing even more winners next month and during the year! We appreciate the participation of each player and hope to find your name on the list next month!

NOTICE: In order to CASH IN any bonus received from reading this newsletter, you must have made a real money deposit of $25 or more within the past 30 days.

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