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Friday & Saturday, January 9-10
Get a 10% deposit bonus plus win $500!

How would it sound to win $500 just for making a deposit? It will happen to 10 people on this special day! And to top that off, no matter whether or not you win one of the cash prizes, you will automatically be rewarded with a 10% deposit for each deposit you make all day!

Here is how it works: this promotion day will be split into two 12-hour segments. At the end of each 12-hour period, a drawing will be held which will include the LOGIN IDs of ALL players who made a deposit during the previous 12-hour period. Five lucky names will be drawn and automatically awarded with a $500 bonus into their account. At the end of the day, in addition to all of the 10% deposit bonuses awarded to every participating player, Slotland will also have thrown another $5,000 in jackpot bonuses to 10 lucky players! Please note that you can win in BOTH drawings, as long as you make a deposit during each 12-hour time frame!

Sunday, January 11
Get up to a 200% bonus on your deposits!

During this day, Deposit Delights will be turned on, allowing players to win bonuses of up to 200% (400% for VIP players!) with a properly timed deposit! Here is how it works. When the promotion begins, Slotland will start a "deposit counter." Every time that ANY Slotland player makes a deposit, that counter will increase by one. Now if you are the 10th depositor during the promotion (or any increment of 10, such as the 20th, 30th, 40th depositor, etc.) on the counter, you will earn an automatic 20% bonus on the deposit! But it gets even better than that! If your deposit is the hundredth deposit made during this promotional period (or any increment of 100, such as the 200th, 300th, etc.), you will receive a 100% bonus on that deposit! As if this were not enough, if our counter reaches 1,000 (or any increment of 1,000, such as 2,000 or 3,000, etc.) because of your deposit, you get a 200% bonus!

Do you think you're the type that can make 10 deposits and NEVER hit one of the right numbers on our counter? Well, then we have a REALLY SPECIAL deal for you! If you make 10 or more separate deposits during this promotional period and do not win at least one "Deposit Delights Bonus," you are a winner! Wait until Monday, January 7, 2008 (to make sure you do not win any Deposit Delights Bonuses) and simply email Robert at supervisor@slotland.eu and let him know that you did not win any Deposit Delights Bonuses during the promotional period. Robert will verify that you did not receive any Deposit Delights Bonuses and then he will total up your TEN LARGEST deposits during the promotional period and will grant you a special 50% bonus (100% for all VIPs!) of ALL TEN deposits! Now that is awesome and generous! Maximum bonus allowed in this situation is $1,000 (10 purchases at $200 per deposit = $2,000; multiplied by 50% = $1,000), or $2,000 for all VIP players. Your Slotland Player account will be credited within 24 hours of Robert receiving your email request, if not sooner! And of course, Robert will email you to let you know the money is waiting for you!

January 9-11!
Each deposit made during our promotional weekend (Friday, January 9 through Sunday, January 11) earns you a ticket in our Slotland Gift Item Draw. At the end of the promotional weekend, a drawing of 50 names will take place on Tuesday, January 13. The randomly drawn names will each win a special Slotland Gift Item! SPECIAL! Any Slotland player that makes a total of $500 in deposits AUTOMATICALLY WINS a Slotland Gift Item of their choice! All winners will be notified by email and provided with instructions for claiming their gifts.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS - Please note that these promotions start at the beginning of Friday (12:01 AM) and will end at midnight (12:00 PM) on Sunday evening, Eastern Standard Time. And please do remember that at Slotland, we only employ fair and generous wagering requirements: all bonuses (and any deposits made to earn such bonuses) must be wagered at least once prior to requesting a cash withdrawal.

January 12-18!

We trust that many of our players have been enjoying the change of one of our latest games, FourCast. To help us celebrate new FourCast, we invite you to participate in special time-limited promotion where you can win one of our special bonuses!

This special offer is valid only for the FourCast slot machine from Monday, January 12, 00:01 Eastern Standard Time until Sunday January 18, 24:00 Eastern Standard Time, 2009.

FOURCAST BIG SPINNER: Be the third player with most TOTAL BETS during our promotional period and we will return to you 100% of the deposits you made during that time (Jan. 12 through Jan. 18)! This means that for you, all spins and wins are free! Remember, this offer is valid only for wagers made on the FourCast slot machine.

FOURCAST TRIPLE LUCK: Get the third biggest single spin pay out (Jan. 12 through Jan. 18) and we will triple your winnings on that spin! You will not be only lucky but you will be lucky 3 times over! Again, this offer is valid only for wagers made on FourCast.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Please note that final results of the promotion and the awarding of cash prizes will be performed on Wednesday, January 21, 2009. All cash prizes will be awarded to the winning players' SLOTLAND game accounts. There is a 1x wagering requirement associated with the above cash prizes.

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