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Our seventh and final jackpot winner for 2008 happened on December 5 when ZONARIZ pulled down $110,125 while playing Striking Sevens! The jackpot is again building and we are certain that whoever takes the first jackpot in 2009 will have nothing to complain about! In addition to another lucky jackpot winner, we once again offer another Monthly Winner Story (which can be read here) along with our list of even more lucky winners from last month!

Our last monthly promotion occurred during the weekend of December 5-7, and our players took advantage of our great offers. Here are the results of this promotional weekend:

First, on Friday and Saturday, December 5-6, players participated in our rewarding Bonus Builder promotion. Bonuses were guaranteed all day, but the more deposits you made, the more bonuses you received! Each initial deposit earned a solid 10% bonus; a second deposit gained a 15% bonus, while a third deposit gave that player a 20% bonus! As if that were not enough, any subsequent deposits earned a fantastic 25% bonus! After the dust settled at the end of this great promotion, we found to our delight that our players grabbed more than $9,000 in bonuses!

Then, on Sunday, December 7, players were guaranteed a minimum of 10% bonuses on each deposit. We mentioned a MINIMUM of 10% bonuses, because with this promotion there were also two random hours where the bonus was boosted. During one of those random hours, all deposits were rewarded with a 20% bonus; during the other random hour, an astonishing 50% bonus was tacked on to each and every deposit made during that special, unknown hour! Our smart (and lucky?) players made the most of this promotion, as more than $6,000 in bonuses ended up in our players' accounts!

Next, we decided that our loyal and fantastic players should not have to wait until Christmas to get extra goodies, so we introduced an exciting 10-day bonus promotion that started on December 21 and ran all the way through December 30! Titled Bouncing Bonuses, this brand-new bonus worked as follows: on the first day of the promotion, all deposits made by all players earned an immediate and automatic 20% bonus throughout the entire day. After the first day, the bonuses started bouncing up and down, as each new day would change the previous day's bonus either up 5% or down 5% (so on the 2nd day, the deposit bonus would be set at either 15% or 25%) for all deposits made during that day. The only limit that was set was that bonus percentages could not be less than 10% or more than 30% on any given day. At the end of this festive promotional period, we were most pleased to find that more than $42,000 ended up in our players' accounts!

Finally, to end the year properly we offered our players two more full days of 20% deposit bonuses, on December 31 and January 1 in celebration of the New Year! Our players rang in plenty of bonuses, as we saw more than $12,000 in bonuses land in our player's accounts during this special promotion!

In addition to the above list of winners, we performed our monthly Slotland Gift drawing and selected 50 players who had made deposits during the promotional weekend to receive a FREE Slotland gift. Additionally, any player who had made deposits totalling $500 or more automatically won a Slotland gift item! Overall, we had 91 players who received a FREE Slotland gift, and here are their names: 109SIDNEY, 225SAM, 250EDITHP, ABRA, ADGRCRN, ALLAS_ANGELS4, ANSONIA, ASHM108, ASPENLODGE2, BIGBULL, BJD, BLASTER1, BOGUSKA, BURLAPBEAR, C502, CAR429, CFITZGERALD, CHACHE, CHEVY41, CONMS23, CONNAJEAN, CRISSYL, D123, DDI279PCR, DIAMONDWINS, DIANEHERR, DUMBO, DWTLAND, ERGOPRO, FILI, FRANKEE, GINCI, GORDON, GRAMPS102, H******K, HENSELHUTT, HOMENAKED, INDYJADE, INNARPH, ITSMEMOLLY2, IWANNAWIN, IWANNAWINBIG, JAMESHOOK, JIMBOB1, KELDAR57, KERMIT63, KWAKY, LAUBRI2, LOLABSINGLE, LSUMMER, MABTNG, MAC99, MACAK, MACGRL, MACKTHEKNIFE1, MADDIE, MAINEYE, MARFAL, MCMATSTER, MIKE546, MIMIWENNY2, MORTZIES, MSRJR, MT3355, NOELMAC, OKSWEETPEA, PAHLAVI100, PAPALIA, PAQUETE, PEEKABO7, PIPPEN, RAFDSS, RAYEBLACK, REAPER308, REDOG383, RERE72, RIB50, RXNICOLE, SASSY464, SECRETARY1, SGMCCANN, SLBEIER, SLOTLANDLOVER, SNAPPYGUY, STUDER30, THADHACK, THREEKIDS, TOPEZ92, VCISCO, VILLA & WILLYKNOWS.


As promised, here is the list of lucky players from the 2008 contest! And remember that the same contest is running again this year, so we hope to see your name on the list next year!

Random Drawing
# LOGIN ID Prize
1 INDYJADE $5,000
2 GO2NET $2,500
5 CBAD1989 $1,000
6 PEEKABO7 $500
7 DEMIKI $500
8 C502 $500
11 REDOG383 $250
12 MOISREAL1 $250
13 DENTIST9355 $250
14 D1357 $250
15 TAHOESB $250
16 JENA $100
17 GORDONC $100
18 BLASTER1 $100
20 MRJNEE70 $100
Total 20 players $16,250!
Whale of the Year
# LOGIN ID Prize
1 INNARPH $15,000
2 H******K $10,000
3 DEEPOW $5,000
4 CAR429 $4,000
5 INHALED $3,000
6 JAYUSA2 $2,000
7 DUMBO $2,000
8 DWTLAND $2,000
9 ZAMGREEN $2,000
10 MABTNG $2,000
11 MELLOCELLO $1,000
12 THREEKIDS $1,000
13 5713553 $1,000
14 ELSHI $1,000
15 JP3GIRL $1,000
16 ANSONIA $500
17 MIMIWENNY2 $500
18 RIDE4DUKE $500
20 CW40 $500
21 ALLY9771 $100
22 109SIDNEY $100
23 NUNGALL $100
24 CORONA $100
26 GG987 $100
27 RXNICOLE $100
28 TILTHUND $100
29 SEPIN $100
30 PATTYH $100
Total 30 players $55,500!

We send congratulations to all of our Slotland winners and look forward to announcing even more winners next month! We appreciate the participation of each player and hope to find your name on the list next month!

Home - Monthly Winner Story - 2008 Jackpot Summary - Winner's List - Promo Details

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