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Casino Glossary

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Casino Terms starting with "T"

Table Hold: An eight hour period sum of money won by the casino from all players.

Table stakes: The money a player has on the table to bet with.

Table Test: A test given by the casino to a dealer that one must pass before being employed by the casino.

Taking the odds: To make a bet less than the amount of the payoff if the bet is successful.

Tapping out: Also known as going broke, it's when a player runs out of money to gamble with.

Tell Play: Commonly seen in Texas Hold' Em, it's when a person tries to guess what hole cards another player has by reading their reactions.

Third Street: The first round of betting in seven card stud.

Third-Base: The spot closest to the dealers right hand and is the last to be played prior to the dealer.

Three- Card Monte: A three card poker game that is similar to Bragg.

Three of a Kind: A term given to a poker hand that contains three cards of the same values. Also called Trips. Example 999AK

Ticket: A term used for a card being played in Keno.

Tight Machine: A machine that a player has had a losing streak on.

Tighten: To make a machine pay out less than it currently does requires State approval. Also a myth that casinos tighten a screw inside the machine so that players playing that machine don't win.

Tilt: When a machine breaks down and stops working for any reason and needs to be repaired by an assistant from a casino employee.

Time Cut: A term used for when money is charged by the casino for playing time.

Tip: A token of gratitude given from a player to a dealer or other employee of the casino.

Toke: A tip given from a player to a casino employee for great service and kindness.

Token: A term used as the coins needed to play slot machines.

Top Award: Another term used for Jackpot.

Touch Wand: The pointing device used in some Keno machines used to select numbers.

Tournament: A large competition of players that is either set for time duration or until everyone else loses all their money.

Trey: Another term for three.

Trips: Commonly known as three of a kind. When a player has three cards of the same value or rank.

True odds: The actual ratio of when one thing will happen in corresponding to other events will happen. Odds posted in casinos are usually untrue odds.

Two Pair: A poker hand that has two different sets of cards that have the same rank or value. Example AA99K.

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