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Casino Glossary

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Casino Terms starting with "S"

Sawbuck: A term used to refer to $10.

Scared Money: A slang term used to describe the money a player cannot lose.

Session: A single betting or playing time.

Set: In poker, it's a term used to describe a pair. Also, in Pai Gow poker it is when the players set their cards down in two separate hands of five and two cards.

Seven-Out: Is when the point has been set and the shooter rolls a seven in craps.

Seventh Street: When players have all seven cards and the fifth and final round of betting occurs in seven-card stud poker.

Shark: A slang term used to describe a cheater or a very good poker player.

Shill: A person hired by the casino to fill an empty seat; also used to begin a game.

Shiner: An illegal reflector or mirror used to see hidden cards.

Shoe: The box used to hold more than one deck of cards made of wood or plastic.

Shooter: The dice roller in craps

Short Run: A series of short event and bets at any game.

Showdown: The showing of the cards after the last round of betting is made is called the showdown.

Shuffle Tracking: A form of cheating given to a player mostly in blackjack to gain an advantage over the house.

Shuffle up: The mixing of the card prior to shuffling.

Shuffle: When the dealer mixes up the cards before the deal.

Shutter: A small plastic window used to cover a number on a reusable bingo card. It's pulled down once the number is called to mark it.

Silver Mining: An action seen in casinos when a person is going from machine to machine looking for coins left behind.

Single: Also called straight betting is when a person makes just one bet during an event or selection.

Singleton: Having one card of value or rank.

Sixth Street: Sixth Street is the fourth round of betting in seven-card stud because each player remaining has six cards.

Skin game: A poker game that includes multiple cheaters.

Skin: A term use to define $1.

Skinning the hand: Used by cheating poker players, it's when a player gets rid of extra cards to gain an advantage.

Skoon: Another term used to define $1.

Slot Club Member: A frequent slot machine player that is given a card to use in the machines to play.

Snake Eyes: A term used for when the shooter rolls a two in craps.

Soft Count Room: A room in the casino in which the soft count is done.

Soft Count: The counting of all the money, tokens and coins in a drop box.

Soft hand: Any hand that has an ace as an eleven in blackjack is considered to be a soft hand.

Spinner: A term used to describe a winning trend.

Spooking: A team form of cheating mainly seen in blackjack that involves two people working together as one attempts to see the dealer's hole card and shares the information with his partner playing beside him.

Spot: A number selected on a keno ticket from 1-80 and also the numbers marked on a ticket.

Stack: The term used as a quick count to see how much money one has, usually in stacks of twenty and commonly seen in Poker tournaments and roulette.

Stand: To not take another card in fear of busting or going over 21 in blackjack.

Standing Hand: A term in blackjack referring to a hand that totals 17 or more points, which is most likely to bust if hit again.

Stay: Another term for stand in blackjack meaning to not want any more cards.

Steal: A poker term used when a bluffing better wins the pot.

Steaming: A term used in blackjack similar to going on tilt in poker, meaning a player is using poor judgment or playing very aggressive in order to win money back quickly usually done after a series of bad losses.

Stick Man: The casino employee in charge of calling the rolled number and the stick.

Stiff: A hand in blackjack that isn't a good hand and may bust if hit once.

Stops: The points on the slot machine at when the reel stops.

Straight: A poker hand in which all five cards are in numerical order.

Straight Flush: A poker hand that has five cards of the same suit in numerical order.

Streak Betting: Another term used for progressive betting done when a trend is seen and a player raises their bet because of that trend.

Stripping: A type of shuffling that puts the first card last and reverses the order of the deck.

Stud Poker: A type of poker game similar to Texas Hold 'em.

Suit: The four types of cards in a standard card deck. Hearts, Diamonds Clubs and Spades.

Surrender: A blackjack term used when a player gives up half their bet for the right to not continue a hand. Also in roulette, it's when the ball lands on zero you only lose half the money bet on even-money.

Symbols: The images on the slot wheel used to determine the winning symbols needed to hit the jackpot. Fruit symbols and bar symbols were the first items painted on the reels.

System: A mathematical style of betting used in hopes of gaining an advantage.

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