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Casino Glossary

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Casino Terms starting with "R"

Rack: The transport tray used by casinos and players to carry and count larger money value chips, coins, slot tokens and casino plastic chips.

Raise: An increase bet from a bet made by another player in poker to raise the total amount into the pot.

Rake: A fee charged by the casino for each hand of a card game. Usually the charge is between 5-10% of each pot after the round of betting. Sometimes this can be a flat fee.

Random Number Generator: The computer chip in each machine that chooses from a set of random numbers to represent a symbol on the reel.

Rank: The overall worth of any set of cards.

Rated: A term used to distinguish a higher skill level player.

Rating: A casino system that evaluates how much a gambler plays for the purpose of free play and other comps.

Red: The color most commonly use for $5 chips.

Red-black bet: A bet made by a player in roulette that the next spin will end on a red or black number. This bet is paid at even money or 1:1

Reel: The loops in slot machines that are painted with symbols are known as reels.

Riffling: The most common style for shuffling a card deck.

River: In Texas hold 'em and Five Card Stud, it's the final card laid down on the table.

Round: Any cycle of a game that all bets are placed. In roulette, it's when the wheel is spun.

Royal Flush: The best possible hand in poker consisting of an ace high straight flush.
EXAMPLE: A-K-Q-J-10 of hearts.

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