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Casino Glossary

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Casino Terms starting with "P"

Paint: Slang for a flush (all cards of one suit in a hand).

Pair: A card game term used to describe any two cards of the same rank. Example AAKJQ would include a pair of Aces.

Palette: The item used to move cards onto the table by the dealer. Also in Hold 'Em, its when 4 of the community cards are of different suits.

Pass: A card game term used to fold or not make a bet; to pass on this round.

Pat: This is a hand that does not need any more cards to hold or stay.

Pay Cycle: The routine a slot machine or video machine reflects the number of plays needed for that machine to payout.

Pay line: On a slot machine with lines, the window where the symbols must fall and line up on the line is the pay line.

Payback Percentage: Money returned to players by winning.

Payoff: In poker, it's the term used to describe a call or raise made by an opponent when you have the winning hand.

Payout percentage: Term used to describe the percentage of each dollar played to what the slot or video machine pays out. Payout is always 100% minus the house edge.

Payout table: On slot and video machines is a posting of what each hand will pay in reference to the number of coins or credits played.

Pigeon: A slang term used to describe inexperienced gamblers.

Pit boss: The supervisor of the pit. In charge of watching for cheaters, settle disputes and give comps to big betters.

Pit Manager: The casino employee in charge of dealing with any problems by players and the enforcer of casino rules and policy.

Pit: The area of a casino where a group of tables are set mainly for large tournaments and the center area are reserved for dealers and other casino employees.

Player: Any person in the casino playing a slot machine, video machine or table game.

Playing the rush: A poker term used to describe a player who has won a lot of money in a short period of time.

Plug: The main shuffling technique used in blackjack.

Pocket Card: The cards that a player is dealt.

Poker: A card game that can be played many different ways. This game involves skill, luck and a particular set of rules on how to play.

Pot: The total amount of money won in a poker hand.

Pressing: Poker term used when a player lets their winnings ride by betting them with the original bet.

Probability: A term used to describe the chances of an event happening

Progressive betting: A style of betting to where the size of the bet in constantly changing.

Progressive: A slot machine that has a progressive jackpot is one that the jackpot increases each time a coin is played on that machine. Once the jackpot is won, the amount resets back to the starting jackpot.

Progressives: A group of machines that share a jackpot that keeps rising as more money is placed in the machine. The jackpot keeps rising until the top prize is won.

Punch Board: A non-skill needed games played by a player who punches out a slot out of a board for a chance at cash or prizes.

Punter: Another term used to name a player.

Push: In blackjack, it's when a tie occurs between a dealer and a player on hands of 21 and under.

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