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Casino Glossary

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Casino Terms starting with "C"

Cage: The place in the casino where cashiers exchange chips and tokens for cash.

Call Bet: A verbally made bet to match the last bet made in a poker hand.

Call: To match the last bet made in a poker hand.

Camouflage: A routine a gambler does to hide his or her actions or expressions from the casino.

Capping: Is an illegal action when a player places extra chips on a bet after the hand has started.

Card Counting: In blackjack it's when a player keeps track of the cards played to have a mathematical advantage to what the next card would be.

Card Shark: A poker player that is very good at every aspect of the game in which he or she plays.

Caribbean Stud Poker: A five-card poker game played against the house.

Carpet Joint: A slang term used for a high end luxury casino

Case Money: Emergency money held back by the casino in case a player wins more than anticipated.

Cashier's Cage: The place in the casino where the cashiers exchange chips and tokens for cash.

Casino Advantage: A mathematical statistic a casino has over gamblers.

Cassette: The place in the slot machine where the paper currency is stored after a guest places it into the bill validation slot.

Catch: A term in keno when a number is drawn and a player has it.

Change Color: An exchange of any number of one colored chip for another color that equals the same value. For example, if 5 blue chips equal $50 and one red chip equals $50 you may change the 5 blues for the 1 red.

Chase: To place a bet in hopes of getting a card needed for a possible winning hand.

Check: A casino term used to refer to a chip. In poker, it's a play used to stay in a game without placing a bet if no other bet was made previous to your turn.

Chemin De Fer: A skilled based game similar to Baccarat using 6 or 8 decks of cards.

Chip Tray: A tray used to hold the tables chips near the dealer.

Chips: The round tokens used in casino betting instead of actual cash.

Coat Tail: To copy the same exact bet that a player sees another player winning on.

Cold: A term used when a player is on a losing streak.

Color Up: To change out small money chips for larger money chips that equal the same value.

Combination Way Ticket: Multiple ways to bet to give a wider range of winning combinations.

Come Bet: A bet placed on the "come line" in craps.

Come Line: An area where the "come bet" is place on the craps table.

Come out Roll: The first roll of a shooter in a round of craps.

Comps: Free gifts given by the casinos based on how long you have played at that particular casino.

Copy: A tie in Pai Gow Poker when the player and the banker have the same 2 or 5 card hands. In the event of a push the banker wins.

Counting Cards: An advantage a player gets for memorizing played cards in blackjack that helps the player learn which cards have not been dealt

CPO: Another term used for "change payout" or "cash payout"

Cracking the Nut: Is a slang term used when a player wins enough money to pay all expenses and takes home a profit from winning after playing.

Crap Out: On the Come out Roll when the shooter rolls a 2, 3 or 12.

Craps: A dice game played at the casino.

Credits: The amount of money in a slot machine that a player has won or has inserted into the machine that allows the player to keep playing. The player can cash out their credits anytime they wish.

Crew: The dealers assigned to the table in craps.

Crossroader: A slang term used in casinos referring to someone who cheats.

Croupier: Term used for the dealer in Baccarat and Roulette.

Cut: To split the deck into multiple parts and then put the deck back together. This is another form of shuffling, and is normally used right after the shuffle.

Cycle: Theoretically, the routine a machine goes through to produce the top jackpot is called a "cycle"

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