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Casino Glossary

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Casino Terms starting with "B"

Baccarat: A no skill needed game using 6 or 8 decks of cards.

Back Line: The No Pass Line of Craps.

Bag: A thousand in English terms. For example four bags are the same as four thousand.

Bank Roll: The total money a player or casino has to support made bets.

Bank: Any row of slot machines set side by side. This can also be called a change machine.

Banker: Another term used for the dealer in card games.

Barred: Term used for when someone or thing is not allowed inside the casino.

Base Dealer: A dealer in charge of a base in craps.

Base: The betting area on a craps table.

Basic Strategy: The mathematically correct way to play blackjack.

Bet: The amount placed on the table by a player.

Betting Limits: The largest and smallest wagers allowed on a single bet from a player in certain casino games.

Betting Right: A term in craps referring to betting with the one shooting the dice.

Betting Wrong: The opposite of Betting Right, to bet against the one shooting the dice.

Bill Validation: Also known as BV, it's the slot in the machine where a player inserts paper currency for credit or tokens to play games. This is also seen on many vending machines.

Bingo: A luck based game of 75 balls, a person plays a card or cards containing 5 rows of 5 different numbers (except the free space in the center of the card) in which the caller calls out numbers at random and the person or persons who gets the previously determined design of the game yells BINGO wins.

Blackjack: A strategy based card game in which a player plays against the dealer and tries to get to 21 or as close as possible without going over. Also blackjack is when the first two cards dealt equal 21 exactly.

Blind Bet: A bet certain players are required to make due to the position in the hand. Also in Texas Hold Em it's when a player places a bet without seeing his cards.

Blinds: An automatic bet in poker to ensure that money is to be won on every hand.

Bluff: A term in poker where one places a large bet or raises a bet with a less than strong hand or on a draw hoping to scare off players with potentially stronger or winning hands.

Board: In poker, it's the center of the table where community cards are flipped face up.

Boat: in poker, it's term used for a full house. This also can be called a "full boat".

Book: A bet that is accepted.

Box: An area on a craps table controlled by a casino employee or Boxman.

Boxman: An employee of the casino in charge of the craps table.

Break Even Point: The time at which a player approximately equals the total payout you would receive to the amount of money a player has bet.

Break: Also know as bust, when a player or dealer exceeds 21 in blackjack.

Bring-in: An automatic bet made by a player with the smallest or lowest upcard in the first round of betting. Mainly in seven card stud poker.

Buck: A bet of an even $100

Bug: A term used for a Joker.

Bump: A term used to name a small raise in the betting.

Burn Card: A card that is placed aside for the hand in card games. A card that is placed into a discard pile or tray after any shuffle and cutting of the deck to ensure no cheating is occurring is called "burning the card".

Bust: A loss resulting in going over twenty-one in Blackjack.

Button: A small plastic disc moved from player to player after each hand used to mark the position of the dealer so that the same person isn't the first to bet every hand.

Buy-A-Pay Machine: A machine that requires more coins in order to open the next set of symbols for a higher payout if won.

Buy-In: The amount paid to get into a poker game.

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