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Wish to spread the word about Slotland?

posted on November 10th, 2011

Check out our amazing slot games! Have you been playing slots at Slotland and reached the point when you wanted to share your experience with others? Imagine you can let Slotland help to pay your bills or even make living out of it entirely. How is that possible, you ask? Join Slotland Affiliates and start promoting Slotland games. Here is how it works ---

Promote online slots games at Slotland, at Win A Day Casino, or the free slot machine game at and earn commission! Sounds interesting? Well, you can do that through Slotland Affiliates Program, an affiliate program which allows you to earn commissions by promoting Slotland or Win a Day Casino or FreeSlot in variety of ways, such as on your website, recommending it to your friends, or simply becoming a full time affiliate. Earn profits by referring players to the casinos and get all the help you need to get started. Your dedicated Affiliate Manager at Slotland Affiliates will help you with your promotions by providing a variety of marketing solutions like banners, texts, links, e-mails and much more.

How Do I Join Slotland Affiliates Program

Joining is a simple and easy process. Go to and click on the "Register Now" button on the top of the homepage. Fill up a form and become a member of the affiliates program.

How Does This Program Work

Create a promotion campaign. A unique tracking URL will be generated for you. You can place this URL as a banner on your website or as a text link. All you need to do is to promote your website, get as many players to click on these banners, redirect them to our casinos and earn a commission. More traffic directed, more the commission.

When any of your referred players clicks on either Slotland or Win A Day Casino to play online casino games, you will earn a commission on their deposits. Promote Slotland's mobile slots by educating players on how to download and install mobile slots or run the games on their smart phones. You can even refer your players to, to play slot games for fun and win attractive cash prizes weekly. It may so happen that these players would want to play slots for real money in either of the casinos. In this way, they will automatically become your customers and you will be able to make profits on their deposits.

How Much Can I Earn Through Slotland Affiliates Program

Read "A LOT"! Slotland Affiliates program offers two plans - GROSS REVENUE and NET REVENUE. All commission payments are processed on the first business day of every month. Plus no fees are charged to process your commission payments.

GROSS REVENUE: Earn at least 15% to 35% of commission on each deposit made by your referred players. This amount never reduces irrespective of players wins, loses, charge backs, or refunds.

NET REVENUE: Refer your players to play slots on either of our online casinos and earn a commission of at least 22% to 50% on deposits made by them. Calculating Net Revenue Share is easy. Subtract 15% transaction fee (includes potential charge backs) and real withdrawal payouts sent to your players from deposits made by them.
Note: Naturally there are no negative carryovers between months in this plan.

2nd TIER COMMISSION: Slotland Affiliates program also offers a second tier commission to their webmasters wherein you refer other affiliates and earn up to 20% commission on a referred affiliate's earnings.

Importance Of An Affiliates Program

Positive and correct strategy can create the most explosive affiliate program benefiting not only the affiliate program owner but the affiliates as well. It is not only a means of Internet advertising to promote brands but also one of the most efficient ways of earning a steady stream of income. Affiliates are very important sales channels who help in expanding the business expansively with minimal risk and low investment budget.

The world of online gambling has grown by leaps and bounds and today, having an affiliate program is one of the fastest ways to get players to enjoy online casino games. Slotland has been around for more than a decade and is a reputed casino with a huge clientele. Furthermore, at Slotland as well as at Win A Day Casino, all the video slots are unique, and customers playing these games are in for a thrilling experience with loads of fun. Become a member of Slotland affiliates program today and watch your bankroll grow. Should you have any inquiry, shoot a mail to

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