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What Is A High Roller?

Check out our amazing slot games! If you have ever been gambling at a casino, you have noticed all the big time gamblers throwing major amounts of money into the slot machines and card games for hours on end. High rollers tend to be the players that come to the casino frequently and tend to play the highest betting games. It doesn't matter if they are playing online slots, or slots in a land based casino, high roller slots and the highest betting card games seem to be the drug of choice.

What are high roller slots?

High roller slots are slot games that let you bet at least $100 as a minimum spin, many online slots have max bets up to $5000 for a maximum bet! Many slot machines in the casinos are considered high roller slots. Some online casinos that have high roller slots offer slot games that start out at a minimum bet of $45 and depending on how often you play, you would be some what considered a high roller!

Being considered a high roller varies from casino to casino. The basic rule of thumb is the higher bankroll you play, the highest betting slots you play, and then you are considered a high roller!

Reasons to be a High Roller

Not only is it exciting to play online slots, but the perks of playing high roller slots are even better! When you're a high roller you get the VIP treatment of all amenities! It's pretty safe to say that the perks of being a high roller can be endless depending on what online slot casino you play. The bonuses that you get are endless; some casinos offer free limo services, awesome suites to stay in followed by unlimited food and drinks! The bigger the casinos, and the bigger high roller you are the perks just keep getting better and better!

The down side of being a high roller is that most people do not have the money to continue this type of gambling habit. Being a high roller is quite expensive! Land casinos tend to be bigger high rollers than online slots. If you're interested in being a high roller, check out the online slots.

Many times online slots offer smaller betting as I stated earlier many times as low as $45.00 a spin! To most of us, that still sounds like a lot of money to play one spin or one slot game, but if being a high roller is exactly how it sounds,, high money!

Since online casinos tend to offer a lower level of high roller slots, becoming a high roller is easier. Many of the online casinos offer many options that enable true high rollers to deposit extremely large amounts of money. If you are truly into the gaming on this level, your best bet would to be to call the casino and explain exactly what you are wanting. My best bet is that they will move mountains to help you deposit the large bankroll that you want to play on.

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