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VIP Program at Slotland Online Casino

posted on September 21th, 2011

Check out our amazing slot games! Have you been playing online slots at Slotland for quite some time? As a player at Slotland online casino, you have the privilege to become a VIP player and enjoy the benefits offered by the program. Loyal players are notified about their eligibility status by the casino and receive additional bonuses as well as special newsletter updates. As a VIP player, you can look forward to the following benefits:

* Guaranteed monthly bonuses - 50% higher.
* Weekly Draw Tickets Doubled
* Earn more than $100 for every $1000 that you deposit

So make a deposit and avail VIP benefits at Slotland's online casino.

Joining The VIP Club

Slotland has a casino VIP program for all loyal players keen on its video slots. As a registered player with Slotland online casino, your activity at the casino determines if you are eligible for a VIP status, and when. As a Slotland VIP club member, you get extra bonus money and additional slot bonuses. If you have deposited over $3000 as a Slotland player, the casino verifies your gaming account activity and if you are eligible, you will be upgraded to the VIP level and will receive a VIP welcome bonus of $100.

Earn 50% Higher Monthly Bonuses

Through our newsletter, all Slotland players who enjoy playing online slots for real money stand a chance to win 30%, 50%, or 100% towards their first deposit made in the next month. As a VIP player, you reap higher; click to win 45%, 75%, or 150%! This means that you are guaranteed to win at least 45%. So it does pay to read the Slotland newsletter and deposit your money the month after.

Weekly Draw Tickets Doubled!

For every dollar you deposit as a VIP player, you get TWO tickets instead of one for our weekly draw for bonus prizes. This means you have double the chance of winning at the Weekly Draw. The weekly winner gets a $500 bonus, the nine runners up receive a $100 bonus each and yet another ten players get $10 each as bonus.

Win More Than $100 for Every $1000!

Slotland keeps track of all deposits made by players. When a player's deposit exceeds $1000 or a multiple thereof, a bonus of $100 is added automatically. As a VIP player, you receive HIGHER bonuses going up to $150 cash back for every new $1000 deposited!

To reap the benefits as a VIP player at our online casino, remain loyal to only one gaming account. The increasing bonuses are based only on the total deposits made in one specific player account and deposits made in other accounts owned by you will not be added when determining these rich bonuses.

Special Promotions!

At various times throughout the year, Slotland online casino sends special and exclusive promotional newsletters to our VIP members. So look out for the newsletter full of rich bonuses. These promotions are designed to offer you even more free money to master your skills of playing online slots at Slotland!

Get VIP Treatment!

* As a VIP player, you are offered VIP service. The Support Team at Slotland's online casino responds to all your letters within minutes! Although it seems impossible to improve our service, any inquiries sent from a VIP player to will receive the highest response priority!
* VIP players who prefer to receive their winnings (over $200) by checks will have them sent via Courier (free of charge!) to reduce delivery time to 3-5 days!
* and many more

So become a VIP member today and enjoy a wealthier gaming experience. To know more about the program, please send an e-mail to

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