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Advantage of using wire transfer to fund your online casino account

posted on November 16th, 2011

Check out our amazing slot games! Slotland offers various online payment methods for its patrons on order to play slots for real money at their respective online casino accounts or to receive their winnings. The Wire Transfer is one such casino payment method offered by Slotland.

Wire transfer is a very simple payment method, where the player can deposit money into his Slotland account to play slots from his bank account or receive his winnings from Slotland into his bank account through a PC and an internet connection. Sounds simple, right? It is. In fact wire transfer, sometimes referred as online wire transfer has become a very popular choice of payment method among the Slotland patrons due to its simplicity and convenience of usuage.

Online Wire Transfer At Slotland

Wire Transfer can happen either ways, one where the player can either transfer money into his Slotland account or where he can receive his winnings through a wire transfer into his bank account.

Depositing Money to Slotland

The player can wire transfer the deposit money into his Slotland account from his bank account to enjoy playing the finest video slots, the credit in his Slotland account due to the wire transfer will be visible within 5 business days from the day of transfer. This applies only for deposits of $500 and over into the player's Slotland account.

Receiving Money (player's winnings) from Slotland

The player can receive his winnings from Slotland into the bank account specified while registering at Slotland. The money won will be reflected in you bank account within 5 days from the day of the win. This applies only for winnings of $200 and above. Winnings are payed out to the players each Tuesday and there is no processing fee attached to it, hence you get the exact amount you've won.

For more information on Slotland's wire transfer method, contact For more information on payment methods, visit // Continue playing and winning at Slotland!

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