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Using Maestro Card to Fund Your Online Casino Account

posted on June 18, 2012

Check out our amazing slot games! Online casinos have evolved so much that today funding your account is quite an easy task. Maestro card is a deposit method by which you can access, fund your online casino account and start playing slots immediately.

What is Maestro Debit Cards?

The Maestro debit card is a sister MasterCard. MasterCard is known worldwide and accepted in many different countries for a variety of services. Maestro Debit is now an international debit card that can be used to fund online casino accounts particularly in the UK. Just as MasterCard, Maestro Debit card is able to direct access your bank account and be used in thousands of ATM's worldwide.

Where can you use Maestro Debit Cards?

The Maestro Card can be used just about anywhere that accepts MasterCard or Visa.

Once you have a Maestro card, you will need to specify that you will be using your Maestro Card for funding via the internet, and then you will be issued a 4-6 digit pin number. Once you have your pin number, remember the number and hide the number in a safe place that no one else can access. Only the card holder with the correct pin will be able to use the Maestro card so you don't want the card and pin number to end up in the wrong hands.

Can US Casino Players Use Maestro Debit Card?

Even though Maestro Debit cards are available for US players, US players are unable to use the card to fund their online casino accounts at this time. Even though most online casinos accept this as a funding option, US residents are usually not permitted to use any type of US based financial institution or banking card device to fun their online casino account.

Slotland casino offers other great funding and banking options for US residents looking to play real money online slots. US residents are encouraged to use the prepaid MasterCard debit card to fund their online casino accounts. These prepaid Master-Cards work just the same as MasterCard or Maestro Card, except that you will have to wire the money to the account instead of direct deposit from your banking institution.

Many times as an online casino player, by using the Maestro Card to fund your online casino account, you will be subject to receive online casino bonuses.

/Note: this option may not be available to all players.

Is Maestro Card the only funding option for online casinos?

No, Maestro Card is not the only funding option for online casinos. Many online casinos offer different types of funding methods. But Maestro Debit is tried and true just as trusted as Master Card has been for years. They use the same technology to keep your information safe and confidential.

Since online casinos have become the most popular form of entertainment, Slotland has kept up with the demands on safe secure banking transactions to keep their gambling enthusiasts happy. If you have not already, check out and try your hand a great slot machine or video poker slot game!

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