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Stay Updated With Slotland Newsletters!

posted on July 22, 2012

Check out our amazing slot games! A newsletter is a bulletin about one main topic issued periodically to members of a society, group etc. Newsletters are issued to keep people informed about new and upcoming events. That's not the only reason why our newsletters are a great read.

Slotland Regular and Special Newsletters

Slotland issues regular newsletters on a monthly basis. While each newsletter issue is a bit different, it may include online gambling promotions, online gambling news, tips on online slot machines, strategies on how to play slots online, casino secrets, reviews on online casinos, quotes, jokes and most importantly CASH PROMOTIONS. Yes, Slotland offers exciting and fun promotions to all our players. This means thousands of dollars are paid into Slotland players' accounts. And that's not all, the thousands of dollars issued to the players are FREE BONUS MONEY!

Slotland monthly newsletter contains monthly promotions, which used to be listed in gray boxes. We regularly have "special bonuses", which were listed in bright red boxes making sure that no one will miss it. For instance, the October 2009 issue of Slotland's newsletter contained a special promotion which was the SLOTLAND Birthday Bonus. In the March 2010 issue, it contained a special promotion which was the ST. PATRICK'S DAY BONUS. June 2012 edition featured an exclusive opportunity to test drive most recently released online slot machine called Carnival totally for FREE before starting to play for real money! Similarly, there are many other "special promotions" continuously available to Slotland players.

Reading our monthly newsletter will give you a chance to win a slot bonus or a casino bonus of 30, 50 or even a 100%. You literally get PAID to READ! After your first deposit of the following month is made, the online casino bonus is automatically credited into your account. Without you lifting even a single finger! The free offers provided by Slotland are practically waiting to be taken advantage of! Improve your slot machine or video poker chances and draw up your gambling strategies by reading the tips in our newsletter. It gives you a better chance at winning the online slot machine games and the host of other games that we offer. And who doesn't want that?!

Each of our players will receive a monthly newsletter by email, unless the player requests otherwise. Newsletters generally contain information about a topic that is of interest to its readers. OUR newsletter not only contains this but it also offers its readers free bonus money! Imagine that: Getting paid just to read! So make sure you sign up for the FREE MONTHLY NEWSLETTER. All that you have to do to receive free bonus money in your account is to pull up a chair, login, sit back and relax, and begin reading our monthly newsletter. Oh wait, did you know you can also play Slotland mobile slots on the go?

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