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posted on January 17th, 2012

Check out our amazing slot games! Online gambling has taken gambling and playing slots online to a whole different level. From playing slots for real money to playing free slots, elaborate games and graphics - online slot machines have evolved over the years. Now, you have slot tournaments to make it more interactive and give you the feel of playing in a land based casino., an affiliate of Slotland, is the largest online video slot tournament operating since 2000. Here, players receive a limited number of free spins, win cash prizes up to $100 every week, upon finding their names in the Top Scores table. At FreeSlot, you need not purchase, download, or install the game - login and play from your browser itself.

FAQ About

How do I register on

1. Enter your email address on homepage -
2. Pull Sailor's ear.
3. Check your e-mail inbox.
4. Type in the code received via e-mail; choose your Login ID and Password.
5. Press the Start button.
Note: At any time during this process, do not navigate away from the page!

It has been few minutes and I do not see the e-mail in my inbox yet. What do I do?

If you do not find the code in your e-mail in box within few minutes, then do check the Spam folder or junk mailbox. Some of the service providers treat all e-mails as spam. Code should be entered as soon as you find it as it expires within 30 minutes.

I have entered the code. Error message reads "incorrect code". What should I do?

You will get this error message, when typing an incorrect code. Ensure that you check the most recent e-mail in your inbox and use the right code.

I have forgotten my password already. How can I retrieve it?

Shoot a mail to our Customer Service department at A new password will be generated for you.

Do I get just 25 spins to play? What, if I want more?

In a day you will be entitled to only 25 free spins. In case you want more, log in after 9:00 AM GMT everyday and receive 25 new free spins to play slots online.

Do points get accumulated? How can I keep a track of it?

Yes, your points get accumulated in this slot game. Check the Score field on the homepage. Even if you log out and log right back in your points will still be there. Points are reset to 0 every Wednesday.

What should I do to claim the points as there is no Claim/Submit button in this slot game?

No such hassles at FreeSlot. Your scores are automatically saved as soon as you have accumulated enough points to rank in the Top10.

What is the criterion of featuring in the Top10 in case of two players getting the same scores?

Simple, in this case whoever achieves the score first will be placed in the higher position of the Top10.

How will I know if I win something?

Check the Top Scores table right below the slot game. In case you win something, your name will feature in the table along with points accumulated and cash prize won, so far. You can even check the list of previous winners by clicking on "Check Previous Winners" on the homepage itself.

What is the procedure of claiming the prize money?

At FreeSlot, after the tournament ends, our Customer Service Representative gets in touch with all our winners via E-mail within 24 hrs, with the relevant payment details.

Is this gambling site legal? Are there any limitations/restrictions on joining FreeSlot?

FreeSlot, an affiliate of Slotland, is not a gambling site and hence legal. There is no betting, you only play free slots for fun and win cash prize. You have to be above 18 years of age to become a member of FreeSlot. Further, FreeSlot reserves the right to disallow any person from playing for any reason whatsoever or for no reason at all.

How do I gamble online for real money at your slot machines?

All set for betting, winning slot bonus or the huge progressive jackpot, visit Check out the various and unique slot machine games with interesting themes that you won't find anywhere else on the Internet. Plus Slotland offers mobile slots too!

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