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Slots Online - LuckyStars

posted on August 4th, 2011

Check out our amazing slot games! Slotland's LuckyStars is one of the video slots which can really prove lucky for its players. As it is a 5 payline slot game chances of winning is almost cent percent. If you bet on all the paylines then in every spin you are very much likely to hit the winning combination in alteast one payline. Sometimes if the lucky stars favor, you may win in all the five paylines.

Attractive graphics and wide range of winning combinations make LuckyStars a favorite online slots game. The payoff chart is given right below the slot machine which makes it convenient to place the bets.

LuckyStars Inside Out

Before spinning you must place a bet. You can bet from $0.50 to $2.00. As there are 5 paylines, you can bet on all of them. Suppose you don't bet on any payline and if that payline gets the payout during a spin then you will not win anything. Hence if you bet on 5 paylines then you will have 5 chances of winning. Amongst the 5 paylines, 3 are horizontal lines and 2 are diagonal lines. The symbols appearing in LuckyStars slot game is a combination of fruits, objects and number. Along with these symbols Wild Bar symbols are also included. The wild bar symbol can be substituted for any other symbol for a payout provided they appear in the first and second position of any line.

LuckyStars has two exciting features to make this game more interesting. One is the "Hold" feature. The "hold" feature appears randomly when you are playing and will increase your chance of winning the game. At a time you can hold up to 3 reels by ticking the checkboxes below the reels.

The second unique feature of LuckyStars is the Bonus round. 3 star medals are located next to the slot's reels below the lever. You are qualified to win a bonus spin when all the 3 star medals light up. Each of the three star medals light up every time 3 or more stars appear in any of the slot's reel during the spin. Winnings in the bonus spin are multiplied by 10! So you will benefit more if at the time of winning the bonus spin your bet amount is high.

The highest win in Slotland's LuckyStars is the Progressive Jackpot. To qualify for winning the jackpot you have to get 3 wild bar symbols on any of the 5 paylines, provided that you placed a maximum bet on that.

With no download slots such as those at Slotland everyone can become a winner and take home a fortune. So without waiting any further proceed to /en/LuckyStars and try your luck.

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