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Slot Tournaments

Check out our amazing slot games! Slot machines are becoming more and more popular around the world. Online gambling has taken the gambling market to a new level. At one time online poker tournaments were the best way to interact with other gamblers via the net. Now slot tournaments are becoming just as popular.

What is a Slot Tournament?

Due to many online slots players felt they were lacking the interactive vision of other players by playing online, online casinos brought in online slot tournaments. This allowed slot players to interact and play with other slot machine enthusiasts and feel like they were in a live land casino. Slot tournaments are contests to which the online casino is the host by selecting a number of slot machine games to participate. The online casino will post the time frame for the tournament, along with what slot machines are going to be a part of the contest, as well as the length of the tournament. The point of the tournament varies, many times it will be to see who lasts the longest on the player board, sometimes the winner is who spent the most money, and other slot tournaments are all about who won the most on the selected slot machine. Slot machine tournaments vary from casino to casino.

How to Play a Slot Tournament

Since all online casinos are a bit different, there may be a variance in rules and regulations. The majority of slot tournaments all have a few rules to keep in mind.

  1. Buy in fee: this fee allows you a spot in the tournament, usually with a preset number of credits to be used as money on the slot machine
  2. Since you are playing with "play money" - all you stand to lose is your entry or buy in fee
  3. Everyone has the same odds: There is no difference between you and any other player
  4. Time Limit: Everyone will have the same set time frame to play while the slot tournament is taking place.
  5. Goal: To be the player with the highest set of credits

Slot Tournament Tips:

  1. Play Fast: Keep your finger on the spin button at all times, since the point is to make the most spins, you will want to play fast so that you will have an advantage over the other players. Every spin increases the chance of your total score, any credit that you have remaining at the end of the slot tournament, you lose.
  2. Concentrate: Each of us that happen to win on a spin, always seems to look at the score board to see what exactly we one. Make sure not to get distracted in each win, save the excitement for the end result. Keep on spinning!
  3. Rest: Make sure you have plenty of rest before the big slot tournament. Sitting in one place for any length of time can be boring and monotonous. Keep your mind focused on the end goal! TO WIN!
  4. Don't be a busy body: Don't look around at what others are doing in their game; this will slow down your spinning time. Keep your mind focused on your spins; the more you spin the better your chances are to win!

Slot tournaments are a fun way to meet other players and rack up some big money! Keep your fingers tapping, stay focused and bring home some money while you play!

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