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posted on July 30, 2012

Check out our amazing slot games! Slotland is a top online casino gaming website. The website provides slot games that a beginner can master in no time. There are various kinds of real money slot machines, which one can select from and play to win a lot of money. Games like online poker and LuckyStars can be played by just registering in the online casino. This article is about LuckyStars, one of the easiest online gambling games on Slotland casino.

Features of LuckyStars Slot Machine

When you log in, you see the large online slots machine in front of you. It has three pay lines with very simple symbols. The symbols are 'a number seven', 'a couple of cherries', 'a bunch of grapes, a 'ring', a 'bell', and a 'BAR'. These symbols are very easy to comprehend and will roll forward when you press the pull key on the top of the slot machine. They roll and come to stop by every section of the 3x3 pay lines showing a symbol. If you have placed a bet on any of the three horizontal pay lines and the same kind of symbols appear in that pay line, then you win. Now, depending on the symbol, the money is doubled, tripled, or further multiplied. For example, if the number seven appears in the three sections of the pay line, then your bet gets multiplied by 100 and if the couple of cherries appear in all three sections, your money gets multiplied by 4, and so on ...

Starting to Play Online Slot Machine Called LuckyStars

When you spin the reels of the game and two places have the same kind of symbol, you are given a chance to hold that vertical reel in its place and spin the rest of the two reels. By luck, you may get similar kind of reels in the two spun reels and win a game. That's covers almost all about the game. So simple and easy to play and understand and so much fun too!

The only drawback of the slot game LuckyStars is that there are no sound effects behind the game, however the game is so intriguing that you will not have time to pay attention to the other details. If you are a regular member of Slotland and win a lot of money, you may even be eligible to win 500 dollars of bonus money.

LuckyStars is a very easy game where you can win a large amount of money and one of the best casino games for real money one can play. It is a favorite among a lot of people as it is easy to comprehend and play. Plus it can be played on your iPhone, iPad or Android-powered phone too. When you want to learn more about the game, you can always visit the game instructions page and understand the pay lines structure and how you can claim your money. Yes, to start the game of course you need to have money in the online casino website. You can use various payment methods like Skrill to deposit money in the website and then wait for your lucky star shines through!

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