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Reel Riot Slot Machine Basics

Check out our amazing slot games! Multi-pay line slot machines have become increasingly popular for slot machine enthusiasts. As well as video slot machines. But many of us old school types would like to play just a single pay line slot once in awhile.

Reel Riot slot machines seem to have been specially made with us "old school" people in mind. Reel Riot is like having a blast from the past with the fruit symbols and the Vegas feel of gambling. Reel Riot is easy to learn, understand and easy on the eyes with its colorful graphics. Even though Reel Riot is a single pay line, there are many bonus features that allow the thrill of a win to shine through.

Reel Riot Basics Explained

Reel Riot actually has three reels but only one pay line. This makes this game easier to follow and understand. Although this is just a single line pay slot, you can actually win on the other two lines by the many bonus rounds Reel Riot has available. Many one reel slot machines don't offer bonus games, but this is what sets Reel Riot apart from classic games. Reel Riot slot machine actually has double wilds, progressive jackpots, and has a bonus game!

Reel Riots offer 5 different betting options that range from $1.00 - $40.00. This allows any type of budget or bankroll to play.

Reel Riots have many colorful symbols that include Cherries, Apples, Grapes, and Bananas. When any of these symbols land in three's they could increase your winning anywhere from doubling up to FIVE times the amount of the win!

If you happen to land three of any of these symbols Lemon, Plum or the Watermelon while playing a progressive Reel Riot slot game, you could see massive payouts ranging from 6-10 times your coin bet! Everyone wants to get the Double Wild of course because this symbol can land you the most money!

The bonus features of Reel Riot are what really make this game unique! Doubling wilds boost the payouts and there is a special bonus feature that allows you to "hold" one hand to the other! This allows you to hold what symbols you want till you can line up with another symbol of the same suit. Holding them indefinitely until you have a match causing you to win! How GREAT is THAT!?

The bonus games are triggered by 3 double wilds landing anywhere on the three reels, not just the pay line! Once the bonus game is started, the bottom becomes the pay line and will highlight numbers. These numbers will then multiply your bet from the start of the game. You are actually paid this amount after multiplication.

Reel Riots offer many perks of old and new slot machine antics. The many ways to bonus on a single pay line is unreal for slot machine enthusiast! Between the progressive jackpot, the bonus features and the hold option, you can't go wrong with Reel Riots! Check out Reel Riots the next time you want to experience an online casino slot machine!

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