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You Will Love Playing Wild Heart on Slotland

posted on May 16, 2012

Check out our amazing slot games! Wild Heart is one of the best and easiest no download slot machine games that Slotland has. It is a simple card game and no other complicated operation buttons, except the deal and draw button fused in one. As the name suggests, Wild Heart has a wild look to it. It has the picture of the most talked about striped tiger at almost all places on the online slot machine. The whole look is that of a rugged forest with wooden logs as the border of the game and small animated leaves falling from the top of the slots casino to the bottom... inviting those who love adventure and wildlife!

The first look at the game shows three rows of 5 cards one below the other. Each column has the same kind of card. Beside very row is a small betting window where you can bet for that particular row. Bets start from $0.25 per bet and can go on till $5. To begin playing the video slots game you need to decide the bet and press the large red button which reads 'Deal'. A new set of cards will appear on the rows. Now you can select any of the 5 columns, and once you select one, that column vanishes. These are the columns you want replaced with other cards to make you win.

Once you have selected the columns that same red button turns to a 'Draw' button. Press it to continue. The vanished places will be filled with new cards and then, combining with the existing cards, they form groups. You may either get 3 of a kind, 4 of a kind, full house, flush or a straight. Depending on the type of win and how much you had bet on that row, you get paid.

In all a game in which it is easy to win or lose. But your chances of winning are more. You can set minimum bets on each pay line and hence even if you do lose you won't lose much. The probability is of winning in every deal you make and you don't have to be an ace in the game as well. Beginners can make a good buck and become a pro in the game in no time.

Along with the game comes a help guide button which will give you a guide through the way you have to play the game by just clicking on it. One can play slots like Wild Heart on online casinos like Slotland and win good sum of money. When you want to play slots then visit us for a variety of slot games which guarantees excitement. Online gambling games are a good source of entertainment and one can play them to get away from grind of the daily routine.

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