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Online slot Games at Slotland

posted on April 28th, 2011

Check out our amazing slot games! At Slotland, there is something unique for everybody. This is the only online casino in the world which gives you a different online gambling experience every time you play. No wonder that thousands of players visit Slotland every day to play video slots and enjoy their favorite online slot games every day. Where else can you find totally unique games, round the clock customer assistance, complete privacy and security for all your financial transactions and the flexibility to play your slot games on any device?

Did you know you can play all your favorite games on PCs, Macs, iPads and literally on every browser that exists today? The proprietary software engine at Slotland allows you to win a jackpot even at the very first attempt! You can get started in less than half a minute and you don't have to download anything! Learn why they are calling Slotland an iPad casino!

Let's take a quick look at some of the games at Slotland. You have a number of slot games for fun which include games like Witch's Brew, Lucky Ducts, TreasureBox, JacksOrBetter, Golden8, WildHeart, ReelRiot, MegaSpin, Booster, HeavyMetal, LuckyStars,Magic, Striking7s, SpaceJack, FourCast, SilverKiss, Slotris, HalloweenMagic, etc. As you see the online slot machine is not the only speciality - there are online video poker slots too.

Witch's Brew

This spooky fruit slot machine has three wheels. There are seven fruits and seven cauldrons for each of them. When you spin the wheel the fruits drop into the cauldrons. You have to wait till the cauldrons become full and start boiling. Remember, multiple cauldrons can start boiling at the same time. Then, when it starts boiling the respective symbols become "Wild". More "wild" symbols could mean more wins for you at Slotland!

Lucky Ducts

This video slot game has five wheels and nineteen paylines and you can win up to 50 times our wager! You even get free spins.


This slot machine has a different style altogether and works on the multi-hand video poker game strategy. You are allowed to hold the reel even after spinning thereby increasing your chances of a higher win. This game requires a little bit of skill and thinking. But you should be able to figure it out by using the pay table and deploying the slot strategy!


The objective of this video poker slot game is to get the best slot poker hand. You will initially be dealt five cards, face up. You can hold all the dealt cards or ask for five new cards. The game is so simple but if you are lucky, you can win an amazing amount of money.


This slots machine game has nine wheels and eight paylines, each of which might win you the jackpot provided you placed your bet on it.


Check this triple video poker game which is slightly different from the double joker video poker game. This game gives you the opportunity to win on several lines at the same time.


ReelRiot is an exciting slot machine game which also has wild symbols and a hold feature, not to mention the free bonuses it also offers.


A slots machine game that lets you win up to 30 times your wager. You even get to spin the bonus reels for free.


At this casino slot machine, you never lose. On the other hand you only ending up boosting everything - wagers and wins included!


This three-wheel, four-payline slot machine allows you to even place your bets on your game history. The best part is that each payline with a bet on it has a chance to win.


Five paylines, five chances! If you win in a bonus round, multiply your winnings ten times!


This five-wheel, five-payline slot machine game gives you a number of options to win the jackpot. Put your luck to the ultimate test here!

Striking 7s

This online video poker game allows you to use any card for each seven you have. The "doubling" option only adds to your winnings!


This online blackjack video game needs a bit of skill. Put on your thinking cap and deploy all your strategies and keep winning at one of the most exciting blackjack video games on the internet.


This simple game of predicting cards can let you win as much as eight thousand dollars! You might even end up winning the jackpot for as little a wager as $20!


This is a five-wheel slot machine game with two paylines, each of which has a bet on placed on it. You not only win cool dollars, you also get high definition erotic images for your sinful pleasure!


This cool three-wheel, single payline casino slot machine gives you two chances to win! You only have to line up three symbols of the same color and shape on the main payline and make a solid horizontal line in the Slortis field. You can even decide which symbols will fall first by clicking on them.


This game is for the Halloween season. Everything else is just the same as it was in Magic. The symbols might be different too to match the season!


Another seasonal game and this time, it is for the winter season and especially Christmas. This is a slight variation of the Wild Heart Duble Joker video poker game. This game offers you a triple play and an equal number of chances to win.

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