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The Benefits of No Download Slot Games

Check out our amazing slot games! With the growing demand for online slots, online casinos are on a rampage to make games more attractive and, most importantly, more convenient. In the effort to make slot games more convenient, more and more providers are moving to online browser-based versions of online slot games which requires no download or installation of the game software on your desktop. The advantages of no download slot games are many, and prove to be the preferred choice amongst many gamers.

The slot games which require no download are usually classified into two: Flash slots, where you would need to download Macromedia Flash Player software on your computer before you can start playing; and Java slots, in which you need the Java platform before you can start. While some online casinos even offer html-based no download slot games. Online casino games that are facilitated by Java are not as common as those that utilize Macromedia Flash.

Online casinos that offer no download slot games, which require the use of Macromedia Flash Player, are popularly known as flash casinos or instant casinos. These casinos are aptly named, as the use of flash allows the gamer to play in a flash and requires no download. No download slots proves to be the smarter choice as it beats having to wait for a long time for the gaming software to download, then you have to launch the slot games and they end up cramming your hard drive with heavy software. In addition, no download slots allow you to choose from dozens of slot games and you can play two to three different online casinos at the same time without reducing your hard drive space.

Some players are wary of downloading gaming software as they suspect it to be malicious and instead install viruses onto their system. A no download casino is the best bet for such players as one need not worry about illegitimate software. With no download slot games, only temporary files are downloaded, which can easily be erased from the computer after use. With no download, the required amount of bandwidth is less, hence enabling players with a slow connection to play instantaneously.

A no download casino is also ideal for gamers who use their work computers as most companies set up firewalls to avoid hackers from intruding their systems. Firewalls pose a problem as it prevents players from downloading software from the net. Hence a no download casino is the preferred choice.

All in all, the no download casino is the favored choice because they:

  • do not cram the hard drive with unnecessary software
  • allow players to play many slot games at one time
  • pose no risk in downloading illegitimate software
  • require less bandwidth
  • can be accessed on a computer with a firewall
  • most importantly, provide the fastest and most convenient play of online slot games

Whatever the case, there are lots of no download slot games available on the internet and if your computer can handle Macromedia Flash or Java, then all you need to do is make a choice and your slot game will be launched in a flash.

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