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Mystery of Progressive Slots Online Unravelled!

posted on September 29th, 2011

Check out our amazing slot games! It is a dream of every player who plays slots online for real money to win that huge jackpot on the progressive slot machines. To play progressive slots is all entertaining, excitement and pure thrill. Online slot machines are the most sought after games in an online casino and to play slots online is entertainment, as the games are based on sheer luck factor; but nevertheless, most players test their luck at least once on these slot machines.

A progressive slot machine is a kind of a online slots machine in which the jackpot is progressive, meaning it grows larger and larger until some lucky player claims it. Every wager amount that player makes to play online slots is added to the jackpot. The final amount won is actually the percentage of all bets played on a group of slot machines or a single slot machine. To win that huge jackpot amount, a player needs to place the maximum bet and also get the winning symbols designated for that particular jackpot. Till then, the jackpot amount continues to grow or may stop at some predefined level set by the online casino. After the jackpot has been won by a player, the value is reset to a base figure and continues to grow again.

At Slotland's online casino, all their no download slots are tied to a single, progressive jackpot - so yes, the jackpot is a very big amount, enough to change somebody's life completely. Winners' names are featured in our monthly newsletter, which you can find under the Promotions menu on our homepage or you can go to

Various types of progressive slot machines

Standalone progressive machines

Independent slot machines that are not linked to any other casino slot machine. There is no fixed jackpot. Every coin the player wagers is added into the jackpot, which grows larger and larger. Payout is calculated from a percentage of all bets made to the online slot machine. These slot machines have meters in front of them so that players know the current jackpot value at all times. Payout is lower as compared to linked slot machines but the jackpot amount is a huge one nevertheless.

On the homepage of Slotland's online casino, you will find the meter that shows the current value of the jackpot. Similarly, you will even find this on every slot game that you play at Slotland.

In-house or proprietary progressive slot machines

Many play video slots are linked together and operated by a single casino. In some cases, these online slot machines may be linked but housed in separate casinos. This normally happens when one gaming company owns more than one casino. Although the jackpot amount is bigger than in standalone slot machines, the odds of hitting the jackpot is slimmer than in standalone progressive slot machines.

Wide area progressive slot machines

Slot machines are linked together but not necessarily operated by one gaming company or belonging to the same online casino. These online slot machines may be at unrelated casinos belonging to different gaming companies. Slots bonus is huge to change a person's lifestyle completely. At the same time, the odds of winning such jackpots are very slim, as comparable to winning a lottery ticket. Payback percentage could be lower because of administrative costs to run these area wide games as well as to cover the costs of linking the machines together.

Playing on progressive slot machines depends on your bankroll. Keep a reasonable gambling budget aside for progressive slots as chances of winning the jackpot is astronomical but you never know if Lady Luck will shine on you. Winning is pure luck and a gamble; so you must be aware of when to call it off.

Technology has evolved to the point that you can even play mobile slots at Slotland. Enjoy playing progressive slots anytime, anywhere, and you never know when you might hit that huge jackpot.

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