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Mobile casino games at Slotland

posted on March 30th, 2011

Check out our amazing slot games! The origin of gambling can be traced back to pre-historic times. However, gambling has gone through several changes over the course of time. With advanced and evolving technology, gambling has also evolved and is not limited to the 'brick and mortar' casinos. An online casino is the trend of the day where more and more people are enjoying a large number of exciting casinos and slots for real money. Slotland is considered as one of the best online casinos by people who play hardcore online casino games and slots casino. To play slots online, know about slot bonus and other online casino news, visit However, the development of casinos nowadays is not confined to the online medium only. Mobile slots casino games are picking up at a rapid pace.

To cater to people's increasing desire of playing casino games on the go, more and more gaming software is being developed. Now is the time when people can enjoy a game of video poker on their cell phones. Slotland is one such online casino gaming site which has a lot of mobile casino games for you. They have the original versions of games like blackjack, mobile slots, video poker slots and many more, which people enjoy playing now on their mobile devices via their built-in internet browser. Moreover, there is also a selection of games that can be downloaded to mobiles as Java applications to enjoy casino games also on non-smart phones.

Indepth Look at Slotland's Mobile Casino Games

There are some simple requirements, which one needs to fulfill in order to enjoy mobile slots games offered by Slotland. You need to have an account for which you need to register in the website. You need to simply have one account in order to enjoy both online casino games as well as mobile games. You need to deposit some money so as to participate in a real mobile casino game. While the browser based games cater to large variety of smart phones, there is a long list of mobile brands and models supported by the website for playing mobile casino games via standalone Java applications. In that case you need to set up your device with the software meant for the specific brand and model.

If the brand and model of your mobile device do not feature in the list, you need to download the generic software for playing games on your mobile. For downloading the generic software, you can visit Once you have downloaded the software, you can enjoy graphics and sound of finest quality while playing mobile casino games. The payouts offered are also similar to the ones available in the online version.

If at any point of time, while downloading the required software or while playing games, if you find something strange, immediately contact the casino customer support.

If you have any queries about the requirements for playing mobile casino games offered by Slotland, you can visit mobile FAQ's. So go ahead and play all casino games for real money whenever and wherever you want to right from your mobile.

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