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Interesting History of Roulette

posted on May 28, 2012

Check out our amazing slot games! The spellbinding image of an anticlockwise moving ball within a clockwise revolving wheel has been casting its spell on the casino patrons from past many centuries now, but still there are many unanswered mysteries out there. Are you aware of the basic fact a plain looking roulette game was a brainchild of some great mathematicians? Do all those enthusiastic Casino patrons out there know that the summation of all the numbers on this online roulette wheel is in fact a least famous number in the holy book, Bible? The history of roulette is among the most interesting casino game histories.

Roulette is a French word that means a small wheel. One would be amazed to know that this tradition of using spinning wheel in any game dates back to the Greco Roman time period as the roman soldiers spun a wheel to make out a winner. The basic technique of this game included an arrow which points to one of ten winning spaces. Roulette game is supposed to be a concoction of two popular games namely, Italian game called Hoca and English Even-Odd Game.

Timeline History of Roulette

Similar to slots online, also the online roulette game does not have a lengthy history and this is what enthusiastic Slotland patrons who want to know all about this online casino game should know:

Despite of the risk involved in this popular online casino game, the enthusiasm and eagerness to play that next bet has never gone down. Many players have kept their future at stake just to play a bet and fortunately many of them ended as winners. There is one astonishing case in history of roulette, an enthusiastic roulette player saved all of his earnings for almost three years in a go and then betted that amount in a single spin of the roulette wheel. The player played with three hundred thousand dollars on a red, luck favored him as the spin resulted in seven red and he ended up doubling this money.

These days, with the arrival of the concept of online casinos, players can now experience the excitement, thrill and fun of a roulette game on a personal computer. Now, instead of spinning the wheel and jumping the ball, players can enjoy online roulette with extreme graphics and great software that produces numbers. This indeed brings excitement of this game into 21st century in a fine way. Online roulette gives players a sense of expectancy and excitement as the real thing, without giving tip to that attendant at the casino table.

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