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How Do Number Generators Work?

Check out our amazing slot games! Many casino enthusiasts think that they have the casino games all figured out for the next win! I have been hanging out in the casinos lately trying for lady luck myself. I have witnessed people rubbing the machines, kissing their hands before hitting the spin button and even rubbing their hands together thinking the heat of their hands would generate the next win.

Many people still don't realize that winning a casino game is pure raw luck! There is no strategy to it. All casino games operate on a computer random number generator.

What is a Number Generator or RNG?

I am sure you all have wondered who exactly tells the slot machine when to pay out a win? Who determines the when and the why? Have you ever wondered how the computer knows when to deal out that ace in a game of video poker?

The answer to all of these questions is, the random number generator, that's who! In this article we will refer to the random number generator as RNG.

Let's explain what an RNG is. An RNG is exactly as it sounds. It's a computer system that randomly picks numbers.

Do you understand what random means? Random means, no order, no connection, lacking any pattern or style. So when we say that it is a random number generator, the series up numbers that are picked have no sense of style, connection, pattern or order. It is that simple.

How Do Random Number Generators Work?

Look at the slot machine as a computer, your computer has a microprocessor, so does the slot machine. This is what runs the RNG. The RNG corresponds to the spinning reels on the slot machine.

All reels have the same symbols, and in most slot machines you have to line up those symbols in a pattern of three or more to win the game. This is where the RNG comes in. The RNG creates various number patterns and combinations every turn or spin and selects a specific number sequence as the winning combination. This is done by using algorithm. Once the RNG produces the winning series of numbers, it then randomly selects which reel to display. The RNG is programmed to generate up to four billion numbers every spin. So the chances of you actually seeing all the number combinations are virtually slim to none. The random number generator is always in motion. Even when the slot machine is not being played, the number generator is constantly moving. The number is actually chosen when you hit the spin button on the casino game.

The RNG can and is checked for accuracy by the casino control board. The casino itself has to perform specific audits and paperwork to make sure that everything lives up to the standards of the gaming commission. The RNG is used to keep any cheating from happening either on the side of the player or on the side of the casino.

Now that I have explained how the slot machines and online casinos use the random number generator, most of us can give our hands a break from rubbing them together to produce heat to get a win!

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