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Gambling Facts & Myths

posted on May 11th, 2011

Check out our amazing slot games! Irrespective whether land based or online, casino slot machines have benefitted most players. Certain gambling myths and superstitions about casino slot machine games have clouded the fun, entertainment, and thrills of this game. Learn to distinguish between gambling facts and gambling myths.

What are the most common slot machine myths?

Myth 1 - The player after me has just hit the jackpot. Had I played longer, I would have been the lucky one.

Well, there is no way to determine that when you are playing casino slot machine games. All slot machine games in land based casinos have microchips that run on a random number generator (RNG) software, which also constitutes a heart of every online casino platform or software. This RNG used to be continuously spinning even when player was not playing. When the lever was pulled, the RNG spinned some winning numbers, symbols, or combinations, which is what was subsequently displayed. As the term suggest, the random number generator in general represents randomness and there is no way to determine the outcomes.

Myth 2 - I better play on a video slot machine that has not given a hit yet. Chances are that the jackpot is due.

Play slots online for fun, slots are never due. Your winning depends on the random number generator and what it has spun at that given second. Further, outcomes are not related and are a single event. There is no fixed pattern, no catch, or tricks about how the jackpot is hit. Hitting the jackpot is just a possibility, nothing is guaranteed.

Myth 3 - Since that slot machine has hit the jackpot, it may not hit again for some time now.

Hitting the jackpot is dependent on your luck and what the random number generator has spun when you pulled the lever. A particular casino slot machine can give two, three jackpots in a single row or no jackpots for a while. Play slots a little longer and you can stand a chance to win, provided Lady Luck is smiling on you!

Myth 4 - If I pull the lever, my chances at winning the Jackpot are slightly higher than if I push buttons at online slots no download.

Your wins at playing slots online or at a land based casino will not change. Outcomes will remain the same whether you pull the level or press the spin button at casino slot machine games. It is all a matter of chance, luck, call it what you will. The odds are always 50-50.

Myth 5 - Casino slot machines have lower payouts.

Play video slots at Slotland's online casino where you get the best payouts. Payouts at online slot machines games may be a little lower than video blackjack. Imagine playing video blackjack with no strategy, you could be immersed in debts. Play slots more and win more, where you require no skill or strategy, just pure luck. Play online slots at Slotland to know how you can benefit.

Myth 6 - Casinos can switch on and off to control your casino slot machine games.

There is no switch; all slot machines operate on computer chips that are pre-set with a payout percentage. To change the payout percentage, these chips have to be changed, which requires paperwork. Further, they have to get an approval from the Casino Control Commission, which is time consuming and expensive for any casino. If you are on a winning streak, do remember, it's your fate, karma, kismet... Online casinos have not tweaked this in their favor, to ensure profits. Continue to play slots online with that much zeal as the payout percentages are all pre-programmed into the online slot machines.

Dump all these myths and enjoy playing video slots games at Slotland online casino where gambling is worth every minute of your time. Play slots for fun as online gambling is not all about winning and losing. It is important to get your facts right by knowing how to play slots online well and pick up a few tips that could improve your chances at winning. At Slotland, you can even play mobile slots on your cell phone, PDA or iPhone. Click and enjoy mobile slots at our no download slots casino.

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