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Fruit Machines Explained On Slotland Slot Machine Golden8

posted on February 18th, 2011

Check out our amazing slot games! Fruit machine video slots have been around for centuries. They were one of the first slot machine games and incidentally, the first slot machine introduced at Slotland online casino, happened to be old time classic, fruit machine titled Golden8.

A fruit machine is usually an elementary slot machine that is solely made up of fruit symbols. Fruit machines are generally three to five line reels, with random pictures of fruit on the symbols on each reel. Slotland online casino offers one of the best fruit machines to date, Golden8. Golden8 has been increasing in popularity due to its simplicity.

How to Play Slotland's Golden8 video slots game:
As with any other online slot game, you must place your bet. Golden8 allows you to bet your lowest denomination at $0.50 and can range to max bet at $1.50. They have 8 pay lines that allow you to win off of the coins wagered on the line. Generally speaking, you would have to max bet at $1.50 per 8 lines with a total of $12.00 bet to hit the progressive jackpot. You can however bet on lesser amount of lines, or less coin wager and still win a monetary prize.

One of the other great betting strategies is how Golden8 allows you to change the amount of your bet per line. Example to this would be; you have three pay lines, you would like to bet $0.50 on the first line, $1.00 on the second and third line, and max bet on the fourth pay line, but nothing on the fifth thru eighth, this would give you a total of $4.00 bet. This means that if your spin produces a win, you will only win on any of the lines that you had actually placed a wager on. Depending on what you wagered will determine what amount you won. This is why betting all lines give you a better chance of winning at least some type of money.

Golden8 Bonus Rounds:
Slotland's Golden8 offers two types of bonus rounds to this game. The main bonus we all shoot for is the progressive jackpot. As with any other progressive jackpot, the amount that is actually in the pot continues to grow depending on how much all players bet and play, and continues to grow until won. Just as with other slot machines, you must bet max bet of 3 coins to win the bonus in Golden8.

At the beginning of each game, there will be six small diamonds on the screen. Each time you get three or more diamonds one diamond will be highlighted. When you have got to the point all six diamonds are highlighted, you will get one free bonus round or spin. The amount that you could win during this bonus round will be determined on the last wager that was made prior to the bonus round. A cool strategy to this bonus round is that you will know when you are getting close to having all diamonds highlighted, so it is at that point you might want to up your wager. This will increase your winnings.

Overall most fruit slots machines are practically played the same way; many will have different options for bonus rounds as well as the actual appearance maybe slightly different. Generally the rules are still the same.

If you want to play one of the best fruit machines out there, check out Golden8 at Slotland today!

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