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Facts on Progressive Betting

posted on June 8th, 2011

Check out our amazing slot games! As gambling trends changed - from land and bricks casinos to online casinos with Slotland being one of the oldest online casinos out there, so did the style of betting - flat betting to progressive betting. Progressive betting is used by most gamblers to gain an edge. It is a strategy for playing slots online wherein you raise or lower the amount of bet, depending on whether you have lost or won the previous round. Although it takes some time to start making profits, playing in this manner can also help you win progressive jackpots at the online slot machines. Slotland online casino offers great progressive jackpots to players who know their game well and know the best strategy how to play them. Here, you will find a variety of games for you to get hooked onto.

For years, there were a lot of theories about the right betting system to win when playing casino games. No progressive system is consistent, as it depends on probability and streaks. But, yes, an average player can definitely recoup vast part of his losses plus possibly even make a small profit. There are two basic systems of progressive betting, depending on whether you are raising or lowering your bets.


Based on the above basic two systems, modern progressive betting strategies like Martingale, D'Alembert, Paroli, Parlay, and Oscar's Grind have been developed. Here is a brief overview of all the mentioned progressive betting strategies:


The player sticks to the original bet on winning and doubles the bet on losing. This is an example of negative progressive betting system and not recommended as it involves risking a lot of money. Many gamblers believe that a win will recover all their previous losses without realising that they need to have an infinite amount of wealth to recover their exponential growth of bets if they are on a losing streak. This system may not work if the house limit is reached and the player has not made any profits. This is the oldest betting system and has been modified to play today's online casino games.


This system is less risky than Martingale and very simple to understand. Here, the player raises the bet by a unit after losing and lowers the bet by a unit after winning. The stakes are not high after losing plus you get to keep most of your winnings. This system is used by many gamblers for playing online casino games like Baccarat and Roulette.

Oscar's Grind

Relatively the latest system of progressive betting and can be a bit complicated to follow. Most commonly used in Blackjack, wherein the player increases the bet on winning and sticks to the original bet on losing. Advantageous if you are on a winning streak, which is something you cannot predict.


Also called Anti-Martingale system; the player increases the stake only in case of a win. Good for players who have a small bankroll to play with and with some luck, they could win more than in flat betting.


Paroli and Parlay are examples of positive progressive betting systems. Also called the "Let It Ride System", it is the oldest and simplest betting system. Here, the player bets his original stake plus his winning amount to place the next bet and does so at every successive winning hand, on losing; he goes back to the original bet.

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Win huge progressive jackpots at Slotland online casino by betting wisely. It is always advisable to collect enough winnings before raising your stake. Remember, good money management and discipline can take you a long way!

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