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Earn money at an online casino the right way. Start promoting it!

posted on December 19th, 2011

Check out our amazing slot games! The Slotland Affiliate Program is a great way for both individuals and businesses with websites to make a profit by website traffic. Once you have joined the Slotland Affiliate Program, you can start promoting Slotland Casino with its one of a kind video slots and gain a share or profit from every online casino player you refer to Slotland. Win A Day Casino is also a part of the Slotland Affiliate program, so in a sense any traffic or online casino player that you refer to Win A Day Casino you will also gain a profit or commission from their playing experience. Once you register with Slotland Affiliate Program, you will have a mixture of marketing solutions for all of your promotional needs, including banners, text links, and emails.

How to Register with Slotland Affiliates Program?

Registration is simple and easy, and it is also free. All you do is click on the register now button at the top of the page by visiting Once you are registered and have your unique log in and password, you then create a new campaign. You will then have a tracking URL that is designated to you. All you do from there is enter your link as a text or banner on your website, and sit back and wait to be paid a commission check. The more you promote your website the more online casino players that you will send to us and the end result will be the bigger your commission check will be.

What are the products or services that you can promote?

As of now the casino sites that can be promoted are Win A Day Casino, Slotland Casino and Freeslot. You can visit any one of these online casinos by visiting or or

The Casino Affiliate Program at Slotland, allows you to set up account and monitor each of the campaigns that you are affiliated with. This saves time by giving you the access to each detailed account statement to track your commissions.

Why Join Slotland Affiliates?

There are many reasons why someone should join the Slotland Affiliate Program; Gross and Net Revenue sharing is up to 50% is the main reason. We all love to make money right? Below are a few more reasons!

No Negative Carryover: At the start of each month any negative balance is reset to zero.

The Fastest Monthly Payouts: Since 1998 we pay on the 1st business day of every month!

Lifetime Earnings: Your referred players bring you lifetime earnings!

Dedicated Affiliate Management Team: Experienced team ready to help you at any time.

Unique and Trusted Brands: Unique no download casinos with games your players can't find elsewhere!

Now that you know the main reasons to join, let's talk about revenue;

Gross Revenue

Each deposit made by your referred online casino players will earn you a commission of a minimum of at least 15%. This amount is never reduced due to player wins, losses, refunds or charge backs.

Net Revenue

Net Revenue Share is calculated from deposits made by your referred online casino players minus a 15% transaction fee (includes potential charge backs) and the real withdrawal payouts sent to your player(s). With the Net Revenue Share you earn a commission of at least 22% and there is no negative carryover between months. Commission levels are always based on the gross casino deposit amounts of your players.

2nd Tier Commission

The Slotland Affiliates commission plan features a 2-tier affiliate structure. If you refer a new affiliate, you will receive a commission of up to 20% of the referred affiliate's earnings.

If you are interested in promoting your website and making some profit visit

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