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Deuces Wild

Check out our amazing slot games! If you like poker and slot games you are going to love Deuces Wild, one of the most popular slots!

Deuces Wild video poker is the all time favorite card game played in video format on slot machines.

Read this article to learn about Deuces Wild, the rules for Deuces Wild, and Deuces wild playing strategy.

How to Play Deuces Wild Video Poker

Deuces Wild begins like all poker games as in you must place an initial bet. Most video poker games share the general betting limits, which is a usually a minimum of 25c and the maximum bet of $10 per wager. The player also has the option of using a multiplier of five coins per bet.

Once the initial bet has been placed, the player is given five cards which are face up. The computer automatically will hold all winning hands. It is the players sole responsibility to build his/her own hand. The player should always keep the deuces (twos) being as these are the wild cards. From the five initial cards, the player selects the cards he wants to keep and will discard the unwanted cards. Once the player discards, the computer will deal new cards that will replace the player's unwanted cards. After all cards have been dealt for the second time, the best possible hand is selected and the player is paid out accordingly.

With every win, the player receives a bonus round giving them the chance to double their money. In the bonus round the player is dealt five cards, four facing down and one facing up. From the cards facing down, the player must select a card that is higher than the card that is face up. In the event that the card selected is higher than the face up card, the player has another chance to double the money. If the player is unsuccessful in picking a higher card, the bet is lost and the bonus round will end. At the end of the bonus game, the Deuces Wild game will resume.

Deuces Wild Strategy

The name of the game says it all, Deuces are Wild. Therefore you should always keep your deuces in the initial deal.
Below is a list of optional hand builders.

  1. There is no need to discard if you receive any of the following; a royal flush, a straight flush, four of a kind, or a full house.
  2. If you are dealt a possible straight with four of the five cards, discard the unwanted card and attempt to get a straight or royal flush.
  3. If you have a possible straight with three cards, discard the two unwanted cards and get two new ones.
  4. If you are dealt two pair, discard the smaller pair to build on the higher pair.
  5. If you have a possible straight or flush, discard the unwanted card and build on your straight or flush.
  6. If you are dealt a queen-king, queen-jack, or jack-ten of the same color, keep these and discard the unwanted cards and build on your royal flush.
  7. If you have a possible deuce royal flush with four cards, discard the unwanted card and build on the deuce royal flush.
  8. If you have a possible straight using a deuce to build with, keep the four usable cards, discard the unwanted card and go for the deuce straight.
  9. If you have three deuces and two odd cards, discard the odd cards (unmatched) and draw two new ones and build on your deuces.
  10. If you are dealt a deuce and four cards of no hand value, discard the four cards, keeping the deuce and draw four new cards.

Using this strategy when playing Deuces Wild, players have done well and built on these strategies to create their own spin on the game.

Click here to play!

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