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Casino Security and Licensing Issues: Is Slotland Secure?

posted on April 13th, 2011

Check out our amazing slot games! Anytime you play slots online at a casino, you might worry about security risks from unauthorized persons trying to break into the casino's systems. Relax! At Slotland, you don't have to worry about any kind of security risks. Slotland is a safe online casino. It is an international online gambling site that has been in business since 1998!

Casino Security and Safety

Slotland is a prime example of legitimate online casino. Your account information is totally safe and secure with them! This online casino takes players' privacy and security seriously, by assuring that they have the best online slot machine games with a secure online casino experience! All online casino transactions are processed by using better than military-grade encryption. This means that every time you play slots online, all information sent to and from the online casino is first jumbled using a code. Any hacker who intercepts this message will not be able to make sense of the message or use it in any way. The message can be decoded only at the authorized receiver's end. This ensures that funds being sent to or from the cashier of the online casino cannot be diverted to a third party account.

Slotland uses tested security measures used by all major banking and credit card companies like Visa/MasterCard. By running security and transaction audits on such foolproof systems, they promise you a secure online banking transaction every time! In addition, Slotland company accounts are reviewed and audited regularly by an independent body.


Slotland is fully licensed and registered by the Government of Union of Comoros. Slotland is licensed and operates as any other land based casino. Since this company is not incorporated in North America, your winnings are always net pay. This means that your online casino winnings are always paid directly to you and no tax or federal ID numbers are required.

Complete customer satisfaction is their main goal. They also provided 24x7 email customer support, which ensures immediate responses with accurate information, and helps you feel relaxed and secure in your dealings with Slotland. Their constantly growing customer list continues to make them one of the top online casinos on the Internet today!

Slotland is a well established internet gaming facility with several years of expertise. They take pride in their company values that are based and built on the foundations of fairness, certified playback and exceptionally reliable service. So what are you waiting for? Go try their online slots machines! You will surely have an enjoyable online slot experience at

For any inquiry or feedback, please send an email to their Customer Support at

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