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Slotland has a variety of amazing one-of-a-kind casino games that you can enjoy! Most of the games share one progressive JACKPOT, which increases continually with every bet! You have many chances to win playing our games! No downloading is necessary to start playing any of our slot machines online.

Below are short descriptions of our casino slot games:

Dollar Storm

Dollar Storm is a 5x3 online slot with 17 paylines, featuring Win Multipliers, Free Spins and Cash Prize Bonus game.

(Dollar Storm: Minimum bet = $0.02; Maximum bet =$8.50)

Lost World

Spin yourself some Jurassic wins in Lost World. The beasts in this 5x3 slot will bring you Expanding Wilds, a Devour Bonus, and T-Rex Wilds! Play now to tread among the dinosaurs and make your monstrous wins.

(Lost World: Minimum bet = $0.40; Maximum bet = $6)

Fluffy Paws

Fluffy Paws takes you to pet paradise! Before you play, choose between the bunny, kitten, and puppy for your free spins and special bonus extra. Spin through the cuddly creatures for your special bonus feature, and remember you can change pet at anytime.

(Fluffy Paws: Minimum bet = $0.01; Maximum bet = $6.25)

Pyramid Plunder

Pyramid Plunder will spin you back in time to Ancient Egypt for some special wins. This 5x3 slot features a Pyramid Treasure Hunt with cash bonuses, a Mummy Surprise to adjust the outcome for extra wins, plus the chance to win the Jackpot with the golden Pharaohs!

(Pyramid Plunder: Minimum bet = $0.01; Maximum bet = $100)

Grand Liberty

Play Grand Liberty for some All-American fun. This 5x3 slot has up to 30 active paylines to win across, featuring Free Spin symbols, a Statue of Liberty Wild expanding across the reels, and a Gold Star pick-your-bonus game to boost your cash balance.

(Grand Liberty: Minimum bet = $0.02; Maximum bet = $150)


Let the star signs of the Zodiacspell out your wins on the reels! This 5x4 slot has 40 active paylines, with Wild symbols, Scatters, and a special Elements Wheel to determine Free Spins, Win Multipliers and Pick Bonus.

(Zodiac: Minimum bet = $0.80; Maximum bet = $8)

Tropical Treat

Go on vacation in Tropical Treat, a 50 payline slot where Wilds, Double Wilds, and Free Spins await you in beach paradise! Start spinning now for some hot bonus features and claim your real money wins.

(Tropical Treat: Minimum bet = $0.01; Maximum bet = $200)

Full Bloom

Full Bloom is a colorful flower-themed 15 payline video slot. Spin through flowery reels to hit Wild symbols and Scatter Symbols that trigger the Pick Me bonus game where awesome Cash Prizes are waiting for you!

(Full Bloom: Minimum bet = $0.30; Maximum bet = $6)

The Reel De Luxe

The Reel De Luxe is a fun and stylish 25 payline slot. Watch out for the Wild teddy bear, the Sale symbol which gives you a discount on your next 3 spins, presents or the Cash Bonus Game to boost your real money wins.

(The Reel De Luxe: Minimum bet = $0.02; Maximum bet = $125)

Keno 101

Keno 101 is a lottery-like game where you bet on spots/numbers. Select your own lucky numbers or use Quick Pick, where they will be randomly chosen for you. Play this fun, relaxing slot to enjoy hours of gameplay.

(Keno 101: Minimum bet = $0.50; Maximum bet = $10)


Olympus is a 40 payline, 5x4 video slot inspired by Ancient Greece and is packed with bonus features. Get Free Spins with Win Multipliers, Mystery bonuses that drop extra cash in your account, and a fun Lighting bonus that drops Wild symbols on the reels.

(Olympus: Minimum bet = $0.80; Maximum bet = $8)

Fruitful 7s

Fruitful 7s is a 5x3 classic fruity slot with 21 paylines. Enjoy Wild symbols and Free Spins with Win Multipliers, during each set of 5 Free Spins you select the Win Multiplier you wish to apply for the Free Spins.

(Fruitful 7s: Minimum bet = $0.02; Maximum bet = $10.5)

Leprechaun Luck

Leprechaun Luck is a 5x3 Irish-themed slot with 31 paylines. Watch out for Wilds or Double Wilds and hit at least 3 Cauldrons to win immediate cash. Enter the bonus game by collecting all 4 symbols with a dice and the Leprechaun will guide you to more big real money wins!

(Leprechaun Luck: Minimum bet = $0.01; Maximum bet = $124)

Gypsy Charm

Gypsy Charm is a 5x3 gypsy-themed slot with 25 paylines, featuring a Fortune Teller bonus game and Free Spins. Play this fun slot for a chance to win the Progressive Jackpot!

(Gypsy Charm: Minimum bet = $0.25; Maximum bet = $125)

Hold The Riches

Hold The Riches is a 5x3 luxury slot game with 20 paylines and a fun Hold feature. Enter the bonus round to get 10 Free Spins with an increasing Win Multiplier!

(Hold the Riches: Minimum bet = $0.05; Maximum bet = $10)

Slot 21

Slot 21 is a 5x3 slot with 21 paylines. It has two bonus games, including the exclusive 21 Bonus game where you play Blackjack to win and a cool Double Up Feature!

(Slot 21: Minimum bet = $0.01; Maximum bet = $84)

Alice In Wonderland

Alice In Wonderland is a 5x3 slot with 30 paylines. Trigger Free Spins with Win Multipliers or hit Wild symbols to substitute for any other symbol on a payline. Bet at least a total of $5 for a chance to win the Progressive Jackpot.

(Alice in Wonderland: Minimum bet = $0.02; Maximum bet = $60)

Ninja Power

Ninja Power is a 5x4 online slot with 40 paylines and features Free Spins with Sticky Wilds, a progressive Dragon Jackpot and in-game Ninja bonus features.

(Ninja Power: Minimum bet = $0.40; Maximum bet =$8)

Neon Reels

Neon Reels is a 5x4 slot with 20 paylines. It has random Wild or Double Wild Reels and Clone Reels with Free Spins in the bonus game.

(Neon Reels: Minimum bet = $0.20; Maximum bet =$20)

Phantom Of The Opera

Phantom Of The Opera is a 5x4 slot with 30 paylines. It features a Wild symbol and Free Spins with a selection of 5 bonus options which have various maximum win multipliers!

(Phantom of the Opera: Minimum bet = $0.30; Maximum bet = $15)

Double Bonus Poker

Double Bonus Poker is a variation of the Jacks or Better game and has a higher payout for 4 of a Kind combinations, namely four Aces. You can also double your winnings during the Double Up round!

(Double Bonus Poker: Minimum bet = 1 Coin; Maximum bet = 5 Coins; Coin Value: $0.10 - $5.00)

Aces & Eights

Aces & Eights is a popular single hand video poker game with a higher payout for Four of a Kind combinations, especially when it is four Aces or four Eights. You can also double your winnings during the Double Up round!

(Aces & Eights: Minimum bet = 1 Coin; Maximum bet = 5 Coins; Coin Value: $0.10 - $5.00)

Deuces & Joker Wild

Deuces & Joker Wild is a single hand video poker game with five Wild Cards. Try to double your winnings during the Double Up feature!

(Deuces & Joker Wild: Minimum bet = 1 Coin; Maximum bet = 5 Coins; Coin Value: $0.10 - $5.00)

All American

All American is a single hand video poker game with a higher payout for Straight Flush, Straight, and Flush winning hands. Double your winnings in the Double Up Round!

(All American: Minimum bet = 1 Coin; Maximum bet = 5 Coins; Coin Value: $0.10 - $5.00)

Tens Or Better

Tens Or Better is a classic single hand video poker game with two Tens as the lowest payout hand. In the Double Up Round you can double your winnings!

(Tens Or Better: Minimum bet = 1 Coin; Maximum bet = 5 Coins; Coin Value: $0.10 - $5.00)

Joker Wild

Joker Wild is a classic single hand video poker game with the Joker card acting as a wild. Double your winnings in the Double Up Round!

(Joker Wild: Minimum bet = 1 Coin; Maximum bet = 5 Coins; Coin Value: $0.10 - $5.00)

Open Season

Open Season is a hunting-themed 5x4 slot with 50 paylines. It has Stacked Wild symbols and three exciting bonus features including the Free Spins with sticky Stacked Wild Symbols!

(Open Season: Minimum bet = $1; Maximum bet = $25)

Vegas Vibes

Vegas Vibes is a true Vegas slot with 5 wheels and 20 paylines featuring Free Spins with wins x3 and Wild symbols.

(Vegas Vibes: Minimum bet = $1; Maximum bet = $10)

Gods of Egypt

Gods of Egypt is a 5 wheel, 31 payline video slot. Featuring Sticky Expanding Wilds and a Multi-level Pick Me Bonus game!

(Gods of Egypt: Minimum bet = $0.05; Maximum bet = $62)

Grand Fortune

Grand Fortune is a 5 wheel, 15 payline classical slot machine. It features Expanding Wilds and Free spins with win multipliers!

(Grand Fortune: Minimum bet = $0.10; Maximum bet = $60)

Piggy Bank

Piggy Bank is a 5 wheel, 15 payline classic slot machine. It features a Pick a Pig bonus and a Bonus Reels game!

(Piggy Bank: Minimum bet = $0.10; Maximum bet = $15)

Treasure Island

Treasure Island is a pirate-themed slot with 5 wheels and 19 paylines. Begin your treasure hunt now!

(Treasure Island: Minimum bet = $0.10; Maximum bet = $76)

Super Sevens

Super Sevens is a 5 wheel, 19 payline slot machine of classic theme. Every win brings a free spin with multiplied winnings!

(Super Sevens: Minimum bet = $0.10; Maximum bet = $19)

Air Mail

Air Mail is a 5 wheel, 12+1 payline slot machine in aviation theme. Respin reels and increase your winnings!

(Air Mail: Minimum bet = $0.10; Maximum bet = $26)

Ice Queen

Ice Queen is a 5 wheel, 21 payline slot machine with an adventurous Bonus Round. Encounter the Ice Queen and gain her Treasures!

(Ice Queen: Minimum bet = $0.10; Maximum bet = $84)

Turbo GT

Turbo GT is a 5 wheel 11 payline no download slot machine with LOTS and LOTS of Free Spins! Race on the tracks of Turbo GT to win a trophy at Slotland.

(Turbo GT: Minimum bet = $0.05; Maximum bet = $11.00)


Carnival is a 5 wheel, 19 payline video slot machine with a shooting gallery bonus game. Shoot at the targets and win 10 free spins with doubled wins!

(Carnival: Minimum bet = $0.20; Maximum bet = $76.00)

Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits is a 5 wheel, 19 payline video slot machine with a entertaining bonus game. Release a music album and sell as many records as possible to multiply your winnings!

(Greatest Hits: Minimum bet = $0.20; Maximum bet = $76.00)

Double Luck

Double Luck is a 5 wheel, 9 payline video slot machine with amazing Gamble feature. Pick your lucky symbol and multiply your winnings up to 32 times!

(Double Luck: Minimum bet = $0.05; Maximum bet = $9)

Fruit Mania

Fruit Mania is a 5 wheel, 15 payline classic fruit slot machine with amazing bonus features. Lighten up the Bonus Meter and play 15 free Fruit Mania spins!

(Fruit Mania: Minimum bet = $0.20; maximum bet = $60.00)

Pearls of Atlantis

Pearls of Atlantis is a 5 wheel, 9 payline undersea themed slot machine with an amazing bonus game. Find treasures and multiply them on the Wheel of Fortune!

(Pearls of Atlantis: Minimum bet = $0.25; maximum bet = $18.00)

Tikal Treasure

Tikal Treasure is a 5 wheel, 25 payline Mayan themed slot machine with an interactive bonus game. Destroy blocks to create your own winning lines!

(Tikal Treasure: Minimum bet = $0.10; maximum bet = $100.00)

Jewels of the Ancients

Jewels of the Ancients is a 5 wheel, 19 payline vampire themed slot machine with an exciting bonus game. Reveal all 6 bonus symbols and win $1,000!

(Jewels of the Ancients: Minimum bet = $0.25; maximum bet = $76.00)

Witch's Brew

Witch's Brew is a three wheel, single payline slot machine with wild symbols that vary. Fill the seven cauldrons with fruit and brew your winning Jackpot potion!

(Witch's Brew: Minimum bet = $0.50; maximum bet = $4.00)

Lucky Ducts

Lucky Ducts is a 5 wheel, 19 payline slot machine with a win multiplication feature of up to 50x and free spins. You can bet on up to 19 paylines to not miss a chance at the amazing wins this unique game offers!

(Lucky Ducts: Minimum bet = $0.25; maximum bet = $76.00)


ReelRiot is a three wheel, single payline slot machine with a hold feature, wild symbols and an exciting free and long lasting bonus game! Two of the three reels can be held until you win. The Double Wild symbols can substitute any other symbol on the payline and double, respectively quadruple your winnings. With $40.00 maximum bet you can reach amazing winning during the special bonus game!

(ReelRiot: Minimum bet = $1.00; maximum bet = $40.00)


MegaSpin is an exciting online slot machine where each winning combination gives you the chance to multiply your win by 30 times! Not only can you advance your winnings by combinations, you have chances to win free spins! MegaSpin + Mega Bucks = MEGA FUN!

(MegaSpin: Minimum bet = $0.50; maximum bet = $5.00)


Slotris: Come play the one of the newest additions to our always expanding casino slot games. Slotris puts a whole new twist on a very popular game with endless winning capabilities!

Spin out the symbols, line up payouts in the Slotris side game and win even more! Clear enough Slotris lines and be a big winner by hitting the JACKPOT!

(Slotris: Minimum bet = $0.50; maximum bet = $5.00)


We are always bringing in new unique slot machine games! Slotland has outdone itself this time by introducing LuckyStars as one of the newest additions! LuckyStars offers you 5 paylines. A bonus spin is triggered when you collect 3 Star Medals! Your winnings are multiplied 10 TIMES in this spin! You also have a HOLD feature that appears randomly. The HOLD option allows you to hold any reels you wish and spin the remaining reels. HIGHER WINS! MORE FUN! No download is needed in this instant play casino!

(LuckStars: Minimum bet = $0.50; maximum bet = $10.00)


Booster is one of the greatest casino slot machines we have. It is one of the most recent but with the same fun you have come to expect from Slotland! This is the only slot machine where your bet is never lost! You are allowed to bet as much as $50.00 per spin. Get one of the wild BOOST symbols and Boost your bet by 10 TIMES! You can enjoy playing slots online every time you play Booster!

(Booster: Minimum bet = $0.50; maximum bet = $50.00)

Golden 8

The Golden8 fruit machine is a nine-wheel, eight-payline slot machine game. Each payline, which has a bet placed on it, can win the jackpot! Winnings on the fruit machine are based on the symbols on each payline and the bet wagered on that line. There are also Casino bonuses in each feature which adds an element of skill to the game in our virtual casino game.

(Golden 8: Minimum bet = $0.50; maximum bet = $12.00)


The SilverKiss slot machine offers a different sort of gaming. It combines the thrill of online gambling with a very special bonus! We pack hundreds of nude photos of beautiful models into several categories. Select your choice and spin for mega wins!

(Silver Kiss: Minimum bet = $0.25; maximum bet = $2.00)


HeavyMetal is the first slot machine ever that allows you to place bets on your game history. There is no download needed! Open your account, place your bets and begin winning the best heavy metal slot machine out there! Slotland brings you the best casino games possible while always giving you slot tips!

(Heavy Metal: Minimum bet = $0.50; maximum bet = $8.00)


Slotland is excited to present for your playing pleasure TreasureBox! The TreasureBox slot machine is the only slot machine that allows the player to hold the reels after each spin! By being able to hold the reel, this could increase your chances of winning the best possible payout! This is one of the best slot machine strategies to date!

(Treasure Box: Minimum bet = $0.50; maximum bet = $8.00)


Magic is a genuine 5-wheel 5-payline slot machine game. You have endless combinations of symbols that will allow many exciting jackpot returns! There is no download to begin playing Magic slot machine. Just open an account, place your bets and begin winning the Magic! This is one of the best slot machine tricks you will ever find in an online casino!

(Magic: Minimum bet = $0.50; maximum bet = $10.00)


Jacks Or Better: Try your luck at this exciting video game based on the classic Jacks or Better card game.

(Jacks Or Better: Minimum bet = $0.50; maximum bet = $10.00)


Striking Sevens is a video game inspired by the popular Deuces Wild game. In this game each seven is wild and helps you get winning hands. The doubling feature even allows you to multiply your winnings!

(Striking7s: Minimum bet = $0.50; maximum bet = $10.00)


WildHeart: Enjoy triple play and triple the chances to win big on this video game based on the popular Double Joker game.

(Wild Heart: Minimum bet = $0.25; maximum bet = $15.00)


SpaceJack is a triple play video game inspired by one of the most popular card games Blackjack.

(Space Jack: Minimum bet = $1.00; maximum bet = $60.00)


FourCast is a unique card prediction game with exciting payouts! Your goal is to predict the face and high or low value of four cards one by one and to keep your Bank as high as possible.

(FourCast: Minimum bet = $1; maximum bet = $20.00)