About Witch's Brew

You can bet from $0.50 to $4.00 per spin. The payline is the middle horizontal line on the slot machine's screen. Three of the same symbols pay off according to the payoff chart and the amount bet. If you hit three different wild symbols, the leftmost symbol determines your winnings. To start playing the Witch's Brew slot machine, place your bets and pull the lever!

How to brew a wild symbol

There are seven cauldrons below the slot machine, one for each fruit. On a non winning spin, all the fruits on the payline will drop from the reels into their cauldrons. There is a scale below each cauldron that shows the weight of the fruits inside. The weight of the fruits is indeed different - for example: cherries weigh less than pumpkins; therefore you need more cherries to fill the cauldron than you would pumpkins or pears. When a cauldron is full to the brim, it starts to boil and the respective symbol becomes WILD (the symbol is covered in a silver frame). More than one cauldron can boil at the same time giving you more WILD symbols and more chances to brew up a big win!

While a cauldron boils, the symbol remains wild. As you spin, the fruits inside the cauldron boil away, therefore the weight of the cauldron's content drops. When there are no fruits left, the cauldron stops boiling and the symbol becomes regular again.

To win the Slotland Jackpot, you have to hit three Wild Pumpkins.