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Payoff chart

WIN 3xWIN2xWIN x2 SINGLE WIN: Every combination of WIN symbols pays off. If single WIN is present in the combo, it just doubles your bet.
2xWIN2xWIN3xWIN x3 DOUBLE WIN: No single WINs and at least one double WIN in the winning combo pays off x3.
3xWIN3xWIN3xWIN x7 TRIPLE WIN: Three triple WINs pay off x7.
Red 7Red 1Red 7 x10 Numeric symbols of the same color pay off x10.
Red 1Green 1Blue 1 x15 Three 1 symbols regardless of color pay off x15.
Green 7Blue 7Red 7 x25 Three 7 symbols regardless of color pay off x25.
StarStarStar x50 Three STAR symbols pay off x50.
Blue 1Blue 1Blue 1 x150 Three 1 symbols of the same color pay off x150.
Red 7Red 7Red 7 x250 Three 7 symbols of the same color pay off x250.
WILDWILDWILD x1000 Three WILD symbols pay off x1000 or the JACKPOT if the maximum is bet on the winning payline. Also, this symbol is wild and can substitute for another symbol in the payline (e.g. 7 WILD WILD equals 7 7 7 of the same color and pays off x250).
$???.?? THE TREASURY: When a WILD symbol appears on any payline, the amount bet on this payline is added to the treasury. The treasury gradually increases in value as you play. You win the treasury by hitting numerical symbols located on the bottom of the slot machine on all four paylines (any color allowed, no WILDS allowed). The numbers at the bottom reset when hit.

Treasure Box

Slotland is excited to present to your playing pleasure TreasureBox! The TreasureBox slot machine is the only slot machine that allows the player to hold the reels after each spin! By being able to hold the reel, this could increase your chances of winning the best possible payout! This is one of the best slot machine strategies to date!

How To Play

TreasureBox has a unique slot machine style! TreasureBox is based on the same type of slot strategy as multi-hand video poker games such as Triple Play. You are dealt four sets of three reels. By pulling the lever, the bottom reel set spins. The reels then appear on all four of the reel set just as cards held in a multi-hand poker game! You have the ability to hold the result on any or all the reels. You even get a chance to spin again the remaining sets of reels that are left. Each payline that has a bet in place has the ability to win the jackpot!

The best part of this game is that it is a skill based slot machine. By examining the pay table and using this slot strategy, you can learn to make the decision that will win the highest potential return on each spin!

See full instructions for more details.

We Pay Fast

You can literally be playing within minutes, with the chance at winning thousands (or even hit our Jackpot currently of $120980)! All withdrawals are paid by check made payable to you. Your privacy is assured. We do not require tax or federal id numbers as we are not incorporated in North America.

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