About Treasure Box

Before spinning, you must place a bet. You can bet from 1,2 or 4 half dollar coins ($0.50, $1.00, $2.00) on each of the paylines. The payoffs for a winning line are based on the coins bet on that line, not the total coins bet on all lines. To see the payoffs look at the payoff chart.


When the lever is pulled, the bottom reel set spins. You can hold the result on any or all the reels - they then appear on all four of the reel sets, just as cards held in multi-hand poker. In our case, you should hold both sevens as there is a good possibility of hitting another 7 symbol and win. Think carefully and learn the payoff chart before setting the holds and spinning.


After you decide which reels to hold, pull the lever again and respin the remaining reels. You will get the final result. Lines 2 and 3 are winners but line 3 will not pay off as you have not placed any bet on it. Line 2 pays off $1.00 x25 = $25.00 (WILD substitutes for third 7 in this payline).

The Treasury Bonus

In addition, the WILD symbol on the second payline would add the amount bet on that payline ($1.00) to the treasury. The treasury is a special bonus fund, which adds up during your game until it is won. For each WILD symbol hit on any payline, the amount bet on this payline is added to the treasury. I.e. if you hit 2 WILDs on any payline with $2.00 bet, the treasury will be increased for $4.00. You lock off and win the treasury by hitting the code shown down on the slot machine on all four paylines. After that, the treasury will be reset back to zero and a new code will be announced.