Before spinning, decide on the amount you wish to wager (from $0.50 to $5.00 per spin). There are two opportunities for winning on Slotris - by lining up three symbols

Main payline and radio buttons which select the order of symbols for the Slotris game. Whichever symbol you select will be the first (from the left) to fall.

of the same color on the main payline and by making horizontal lines in the Slotris game. The machine has two game areas: the slot machine, which generates the symbols which are then played in the Slotris game, the second part of this exciting unique game.

In order to win on the main payline, simply line up 3 symbols of the same color (symbols with the same shape are always the same color). The payout is based on the amount of your bet and color of the symbols according to the payoff chart. You can win up to 30 times your bet on the main payline!

Before you begin spinning the next round, study the Slotris area, because you can select which symbols will drop first on your next spin. By carefully clearing lines before your symbols reach the top of the Slotris area, you can cash in on some very rich pay outs (in addition to winning on the main payline in the same round!), up to and including the progressive jackpot!

Preview section
Payoff Chart:
Lines Cleared Payout
(Jackpot with max bet)
Payoff Indicator
In the example above, the current order of symbols will cause symbol A (the vertical green line) to fall and complete a line, thus clearing the third line so far, and earning a payout of 3X your wager (see payout table above).

Symbols from the current spin are displayed in the upper preview section of the Slotris game. You can change which way the Slotris symbols will fall by clicking one of three symbols on the main payline or radio buttons below the main payline. If you can create a solid horizontal line in the Slotris Bonus game, a payoff indicator below the game board will display any possible payouts based on the current order of symbols, so it pays to switch the symbols around to see if you can clear a line and win some cash!

Once you have cleared a horizontal line, on your next spin all the symbols below that line will also be cleared. Also, your Slotris field is shortened by one horizontal line. If you cannot clear a line before any symbol reaches the upper part of the game, the Slotris game resets, all symbols are cleared and you start again the bottom (with symbols from your current spin dropping on your next spin). If there is not space in the preview part of the game, the symbols from the current spin are not displayed, but you can still decide which symbol should fall first (from the left) on your next spin. The object of the Slotris game is to clear 10 Slotris lines before the game resets. Each cleared line increases your payout (based on your current wager).

In order to win the Jackpot, you have to clear 10 horizontal lines in the Slotris game, while betting maximum on the 10th line.


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