About Reel Riot

Before spinning, you must place a bet. You can bet from $1.00 to $40.00 per spin. The payline is the middle horizontal line on the slot machine's screen. The payoff for the payline is based on the coins bet. To see the payoffs, review the payoff chart below the machine.

Pull the lever to spin the reels of ReelRiot. You can use the "Hold" buttons below each reel to hold the respective reel. You are allowed to hold up to two reels every spin. When you win, the hold feature is disabled. For your convenience, it is not possible to make a hold that would disable a win in the upcoming round.

The slot machine's screen is separated into three horizontal lines and the standard slot's symbols are replaced by numerical and "STOP" symbols. At the beginning of the Bonus game, the bottom line is activated. When you pull the lever, one symbol on the active payline is highlighted. If you hit a number, your bet from the last standard spin is multiplied accordingly. If you hit a number with an arrow, your bet is multiplied and you move to the pay line above. If you hit the "STOP" symbol, the Bonus game ends.

If you hit 3 DoubleWild symbols on ANY position of the slot machine you enter the special Bonus game.

Standard slot's symbols are replaced by numerical and "STOP" symbols during the Bonus game.

If you hit three DoubleWild symbols on the payline with the maximum bet, you win the progressive Jackpot!