Coins and placing bets

Before spinning, you must place a bet. You can bet 0, 1, 2, or 4 coins on each of the five (5) lines. Each coin is worth $.50 (50 cents). This makes a maximum of 20 coins for this game (4 coins times 5 lines). The payoffs for a winning line are based on the coins bet on that line only, not on the total coins bet on all lines. If there is a win on a line and you didn't have a bet placed on it, you don't win anything. To see the payoffs please refer to the payoff chart.

PLEASE NOTE - There are 5 pay lines in this game: 3 horizontal lines and 2 diagonal lines. The first payline is the center line. The second is the top line. The third is the bottom line. The fourth line runs diagonally from the top-left corner to the bottom-right corner. The fifth line runs diagonally from the bottom-left corner to the top-right corner.

Let's assume that you bet $0.50 on the first payline, $2.00 on the second line, $0.50 on the third line, $1.00 on the fourth line and $2.00 on the fifth line. The total is $6.00:

Line 1                 
Line 2                  
Line 3                  
Line 4                  
Line 5                  
After spinning, the slot wheels look like this. It means that you won $205.00:

1st payline doubled your bet and won $1.00:
2nd payline won $200.00 (100x your bet):
3rd payline won nothing:
4the payline won nothing:
5th payline doubled your bet and won $4.00:
The highest win is the Progressive Jackpot, which is linked to all Slotland games. 3 BAR symbols on any payline win the Jackpot, provided that you placed a maximum bet on that. Lower bets win the regular 1000x bet payoff if you hit 3 BARs.

'Hold' Feature

There are 2 exciting bonus features in this game. A 'hold' feature appears randomly and may increase your chance to win. When the 'hold' feature appears, you are allowed to hold any of the 3 reels by ticking the checkboxes below the reel. The hold feature may appear on any spin. This allows a possibility of several holds in a row allowing you to hold the reels more than once, thus multiplying your possible wins!

Bonus Round

3 star medals are located next to the slot's reels on the right side, below the lever. You may win a bonus spin when lighting all three of these star medals. Every time 3 or more stars appear in any of the slot's reel, one of the bonus star medals is highlighted. The bonus spin is just like any other spin however two exceptions apply: 1) You are not allowed to change your bets, and 2) winnings in the bonus spin are multiplied by 10! Not every bonus spin will win, but the spins that do win may be quite large. For this reason, it may be a wise strategy to place maximum bets when 2 of the star medals are already highlighted and you only need the third one to trigger the bonus round!


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