About Locky Ducts

Before spinning the reels of Lucky Ducts you must place a bet. Select the amount you wish to bet on a single payline and the number of paylines you wish to play on. To place your bets you can use the bet table below the slot machine or the graphical controls on top of the slot machine. To see the payoffs, check the payoff chart below the machine. Pull the handle to spin the reels of Lucky Ducts!

You may come across two exciting bonus features when playing this great game. First off, look at the funnel on the left side of the game - it is called the Bonus Reservoir. Every time at least three FAUCET symbols appear anywhere on the game, the level of the water in the Bonus Reservoir rises. Each level of the Bonus Reservoir corresponds to a win multiplicator (x2, x5, x10, x25 and x50). The Bonus Reservoir works in two ways:

1. Bonus win: If 3 or more PLUG symbols appear anywhere on the reels, the win from the actual spin is multiplied by the current win multiplicator shown on the Bonus Reservoir. The Bonus Reservoir is then "flushed" and is set back to zero.

2. Free Spins: If the Bonus Reservoir is at its highest level (x50) and you hit at least three FAUCET symbols, the Bonus Reservoir "overflows", is set back to zero and you get 6 Free Spins! The number of remaining Free Spins is displayed on the gauge above the Bonus Reservoir. You cannot change the bet amount nor number of paylines during the free spins.

Both the FAUCET and the PLUG symbols are scatter symbols and pay out no matter where they are located on the screen. The FAUCET and PLUG symbols themselves do not make a payout combination.

If you hit five "Diamond" symbols on a payline while betting at least a total of $20 per spin, you win the Progressive Jackpot.


The following pictures display the layout of the 19 paylines of the Lucky Ducts slot machine.


Please note that for a payoff combination to be won, symbols on a payline must start at the left-most reel and be adjacent.